Recover this deleted data: which applications used

Recover this deleted data: which applications used

October 4, 2019 Off By admin

It happens to each of us where it happened to each of us once to delete important files without doing so on purpose or even to delete files and need them later.

So we're wondering how to get his files back. Would there be any apps to bring back deleted files? Then we can answer yes and no at the same time.

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There are certain cases where it is possible to recover deleted files. But in other cases, it doesn't do it at all. Let's talk about the second case.

When you use a special app to erase all your tracks on a device, an application such as Eraser for example, it would be impossible to recover deleted files. Indeed this kind of applications, aim to permanently destroy any digital trace that the user would like to erase.

So before you use this kind of application, ask yourself whether you won't actually need the files you just delete. There is yet another case where it is impossible to recover the deleted files. It's time. Indeed it will be difficult to recover a file that has been erased for a long time for example a week or a month.

It will be a decoy to tell you that this is possible. However, if the erasure is only a day or two, it is indeed possible if you have not used the definitive deletion application. And for that we will offer you applications that allow you to recover your deleted data.

1. Recuva

Create by the same publisher as the Windows optimization app, CCleaner, Recuva and a free app with an interface that can be used in French. Let's put it this way, it's the software star of recovery. Maybe you already have some Heard. It's software that doesn't suffer no maintenance, as it is regularly updated by its editors. one Another strength of the software is that it has a secure erasure option. This seems paradoxical because on the one hand it recovers the deleted data and on the other, it permanently erases data that we want rid. It is not recommended to install it on your computer for various Reasons. And since it exists in a portable version, you can run it on a USB stick and use it when you need it just by connecting the key and the terminal.

2. PC INSPECTOR File Recover

From the same category that the previous one, Recuva, PC INSPECTOR File Recovery is a software that is free 100%. It also has an interface in French however it is not as easily usable than the first. It allows, as a feature principal, to recover files that have been deleted. But it's not just about deleted files, but also loads lost files that could be due to a crash of the device or even a formatting.

3. Auslogics File Recovery

Auslogics File Recovery is a paid app. The cost of his licence is $25, with a 30-day trial version. During its trial period, it can help recover as many files as we want but this is limited per day (10 both as a result of each analysis) and by size.

4. Glary Utilities

It's an app that has an edition free, i.e. a free version that is made up of several utilities, some of which are optimization for Windows. It also includes a file recovery feature. If it can't compete Recuva, but at least it has the merit of being simple to use.

After an analysis launched by this application, Glary Utilities will tell you which files are recoverable in good condition and which are not.

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