Preparing to avoid being caught off guard

Preparing to avoid being caught off guard

May 19, 2020 Off By admin

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals have multiplied their malicious actions.

They used the maximum amount of resources and strategies to make the most of it. In truth, the situation could not be as beneficial for cyber-malveillance as this period of health crisis. In March alone, computer security specialists reported an increase of more than 670 percent in computer attacks based on phishing. Attacks that were all based on the theme of the moment, that is, the "coronavirus" with certain variations such as the "CoviD".

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But as we have seen, several companies have gradually begun to return to business as before. A return that will be made in a fragmented way, taking into account priorities and sectors of activity. And then again, hackers lick their fingers. The reasons for this lie in the vulnerabilities that might have been discovered during telework and certain habits that employees have lost by working long outside the usual professional framework. "Companies' employees will have to adapt to their usual work schedule and adopt new operating patterns. Vigilance will decrease and IT systems managers will be busy managing these new configurations. Nicolas Jacques, VP of Product Marketing at Barracuda Networks, a company specializing in the provision of computer security services, observed Nicolas Jacques. Therefore: "The strongest vigilance will be essential to ensure that attacks do not multiply. ». To do this, the implementation of barriers such as the fight against coronavirus must be at the centre of all practices within companies. Digital hygiene rules must be imposed on all employees. For this our specialist recommends "redefining strict computer security rules in order to counter these attacks. ».

In addition, businesses must be prepared for any eventuality. According to security experts, it is not impossible that there will be a second containment on the horizon. Whether partial or total, the effects will not be negligible, as the first containment did not fail to reveal some inadequacies. For this reason, several reorganization and adaptation scenarios must be planned now. This will avoid the same inadequacies as the first time and significantly reduce computer security vulnerabilities. "Already the big groups have organized themselves. Some have defined medical testing policies for their employees and families, while others have minimized present work. Companies' IT security rules also need to be reviewed. We will have to consider all the scenarios to be ready and minimize the risk of attacks. nicolas Jacques.

In addition, it must be recognized that the coronavirus pandemic has had a positive impact in the organization of professional behaviours. It facilitated the deployment of telework as well as adoption. Indeed, remote collaboration has never been more essential than in recent moments when a third of the world's population was confined. A rapid and effective adaptation of this system of work that would not normally be possible.And it's not just that, some have become accustomed to this framework and think they'll continue like this. "It is expected that a significant number of employees will ask their employer to keep all or part of this way of working. Companies must therefore anticipate this change and configure their remote work tools and security policy to respond to it. Explains the expert.

As a result, all of this may lead to greater use of the cloud and SaaS with its share of needs in terms of access protection and data security.

In conclusion, it should be noted that professional habits will be greatly impacted by these latest events. Some practices will have a hard time reseeding. And in concrete terms, the professional environment will be reformed willingly or unwillingly. This is a change to watch closely, because the same is done by cyber-prisoners. Like security professionals as well as businesses as a whole, the cybercriminal adapts and always stays on the lookout for any breaches. The instruction remains the same: to remain vigilant and to redouble efforts to have a digital hygiene of the most impeccable.

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