COMPUTER security as the heart of telecommuting development

COMPUTER security as the heart of telecommuting development

November 30, 2020 Off By admin

Telework today is almost imposed on businesses.

With the current situation imposed by the health crisis. The context is favourable for the expansion of the computer threat. It is for this reason that security experts warn companies and organizations to place this aspect at the heart of their telework organization.

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Kaspersky, a Russian company specializing in computer security, is producing advice that will help to better frame this period, which is greatly disrupted by several problems. Especially at the it level."Forced switching to telework has completely changed the threat landscape, and cyber-crime officials have adapted more or less quickly," says Pascal Naudin, B2B Sales Manager for North, West and Central Africa at Kaspersky.

Indeed, the majority of companies today find themselves forced to apply work remotely, although they did not originally prepare for this. This situation involved a somewhat abrupt change of framework that may have made it difficult to make good decisions, pensioning the technical as human plan. With the dispersal of company employees, and multiple access to the it system externally has created a much more complicated situation to manage especially at the security level. "From a general point of view, we have seen a significant increase in targeted attacks on businesses, and Morocco has not been spared. The attackers have also shown imagination by developing new methods of attack combining APT (persistent advanced threat) and ransomware (encryption of data in the hope of extracting a ransom)," says Pascal Naudin.

In order for companies to improve the security of their network and computer systems in such contexts, the computer security company Kaspersky recommends that it implement EDR (Endpoints Detection – Response) solutions. This process will make it much more effective to analyse abnormal behaviours on different networks, regardless of the cause. Whether it's a man or a malicious program. In a sense, it is clearly beneficial for them to equip themselves with these kinds of computer tools to increase their security. Especially in a situation where hackers are able to adapt easily to protection solutions.

Habits have changed. The current global health crisis is pushing the majority of organizations to adopt new ways of collaborating while making an effort to be in line with digital data protection legislation. Vigilance in such a context is more than a necessity especially at the level of remote work. Computer systems are more exposed than ever to the external threat. This situation makes it much more difficult for information system security managers to ensure the integrity of all connections and, of course, the authentication of identities. Knowing who has the right to access the system and whether it is doing so under the right conditions is one of the most important steps in the security policy that companies must impose on themselves.

Moreover, we should not go too fast: "I think that the whole telework can not be the solution, except for a few specific professions, because not all employees will be able to dedicate a permanent workspace to their home," says Naudin, Kaspersky's sales manager. According to the latter, a mixed labour organization can indeed be envisaged. In one part the remote work and in another the collaboration in the present. Understanding this way, the positive effects can be easily visible to employees and their long-term behaviour. Nevertheless, the Kaspersky specialist does not fail to recognize the weight of telework at this time. "Because we are regularly in transit between the 27 countries we cover, and do not have a physical office in each of these countries. In any case, telework has changed the way we work, but I really hope that this will never take over the face-to-face encounters that are the basis of any human relationship."

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