Why are social networks targeted by hackers?

Why are social networks targeted by hackers?

November 14, 2016 Off By admin

If you use the Internet on a daily basis, you know that there is a significant risk of being hacked, especially through social networks. Wondering why Facebook or Twitter are the target of these hackers? The Password Revelator team offers three explanations for this fact of society:

Because there is a lot of personal data on social networks

You probably feel like you're not saying too much about yourself on social media. However, take the time to think about it. If you're totally honest with yourself, you'll be able to see how easily you spread personal information about yourself on social networks. Of course, some people take more precautions than others. But even if you don't tell your whole life on Facebook or Twitter, know that there is a risk. Just registering on a social network makes you an easy target for hackers. Before posting a status on Facebook, you'll think twice before clicking "Send" button.

Your personal data can cost you dearly: and hackers are fully aware of it!

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Because internet users don't secure their social media accounts well enough

This is not just about social networks: Users tend not to secure their accounts well. While it's not very complicated: just choose a complex and unique password for each platform! And if possible, change from time to time to blur the tracks! You also have to take the time, when registering on a social network, to fill in the privacy settings: promised, you will have plenty of time to browse the social network in a few minutes… But in the meantime, think about your safety and that of others!

Social networks are a very easy gateway for hackers: don't make it easy for them!

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Because viruses spread there at high speed V!

Identity theft is common on social networks (not surprising considering it's easy to hack an insecure password). For hackers, this is a great way to spread viruses in less time than it takes to tell! You've probably already clicked on a link posted by one of your contacts without checking the source of the link and message. On social networks, viruses and other attacks spread at high speed V: it is important to be aware of this to avoid being hit!

Stay on your guard, but don't forget to enjoy your social networks!

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