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Hacker attacks are becoming more frequent. Find out on this blog the safety tips to avoid getting hacked.

Focus on ethical hackers

The "ethical hackers" where "the White Hats" are before the specialists of computer hacking.

The difference between them and their Black Hat colleagues is that they decided to work earlier for the good side of the system, that is, the legal one. They are paid to look for security vulnerabilities in computer systems, allowing sites to prevent their colleagues from using them in bad intentions.

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To make it easier for their work to prevent this from being in a situation of misunderstanding, several companies can organize this. And some people manage to live on that. After all, they are not so different from any worker."It's true that we have a completely different picture of reality," says Anthony Bouvet, 28, nicknamed Kuro. I love the sea, I practice kite-surfing. But I recognize that our passion remains very addictive. ». Like many hacker, the latter took advantage of the explosion of Bounty bug programs, and so commonly called premium bug hunting programs then it is by large technology companies in order to find out if their products were in any way vulnerable. And that somehow becomes full-time work.

Increasingly, companies or other institutions, whether public or private, tend to use ethical hackers to test their vulnerability to Aix cyberattacks. A need that has increased more and more with the explosion of cybercrime and other attacks of online malice that cease to multiply. The compensation that these computer hacking specialists can get will certainly depend on the extent of the security flaw they have identified. "A few years ago we couldn't have lived on it, it's possible now," notes Anthony-Kuro. And it has changed the lives of many experts in this field. "I started working at the chain in a factory when I was 16," he says. Next door, I continued to improve my computer skills and I chained the positions in cybersecurity. For the past two years, I have been a self-employed entrepreneur and I live premiums, working maximum two days a week. ». Like the latter, a large number of ethical hackers earn a little more than the SMIC, thanks in particular to bug bounty hunting programs, and often by working only a few weeks during the month. However, we must not believe that the work is so easy. Indeed, computer systems are becoming more and more strengthened. The experience of cybercrime today helps businesses and companies build fairly robust systems even though security vulnerabilities remain and will always exist. In addition, competition is getting tough. Because living like an ethical hacker attracts a lot more people than being a Black Hat hacker. "You have to have strong nerves," says Brice Augras, 29, from the Yvelines. There are many burnouts. ». That's why some alternate work between bug premium hunting and working full-time in the corporate cybersecurity sector. As Brice means. "It keeps in touch with humans. ».

On the other hand it must be meant that the Bounty bug can pay off a lot for the lucky ones. Others can earn up to €120,000 a year. "I received a bonus of 80,000 euros for a microsoft breach that took me six months of work," he says. But sometimes you earn 200 euros for a flaw that is important. Brice Augras.

However this but it is still not as expected because despite all the underpayment: "Frankly, we are sometimes not paid as a result of what we find," complains Killian, 25, Pseudo Yanzax on the web. We get a hundred euros for a loophole that would make a carnage with online loans or bank codes. It hurts your heart. ». Despite all this, he says he never had the idea of switching to the wrong side "I earn between 50,000 and 100,000 euros a year, half because of my job, half by chasing premiums," he says. I wanted to keep my job to have a more stable life… and to take out a credit is wiser. ». Still, the fun remains. "It's exhilarating to contribute to the safety of hundreds of thousands of people," says Anthony. Although relatives generally do not really know or know these activities but do not master them. "Some people are a little jealous that they can't do that," he jokes. My parents are proud, even if they don't understand it. »

Beyond bug bounty hunts, some of them often even non-profit activities usually for humanitarian organizations such as Brice Augras. He mentions that he continues to learn, often among friends or community."We have a lot of friends, virtual or real, who are hackers, it's a small community, we spend our time exchanging, learning. It's part of our passion, it never stops. Without help at the start, we would not have progressed, we give ourselves pipes. And we have to keep taking it as a game with the exciting side of discovery. Anthony, Brice and Killian.

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Are Russian pirates the best in the world?

When asked where we can find the best hackers on the planet, it is generally answered that it was in Russia.

Indeed according to rumors, Russian pirates are the best in the world. They are considered to be the fastest most efficient on the market. It would take them only 8 minutes to break into a system and take control of it. According to the rumors of course. But is there any truth in it or is it just urban mythology.

in anyway that's what the majority of people in the digital world Think. It is said that they generally operate under the order of the state Russian. They are considered the nightmare of global cyber security. from enough to make film producers fantasize. You can see the traces of it in the last season of the series "The Office of Legends"

but what exactly does the practice say?

that it is in the dark web, virtual markets or communities professional hackers, it is true that hackers of Russian nationalities have always justified certain skills generally Unmatched. They are in high demand in the private hacking market and they have been able to prove themselves for many years. They specialize in infiltration and remote control of systems Computer. Apparently nothing stands up to them in the computer field.

When asked about this issue of Russian hackers, Dmitry Alperovitch, head of the computer security company CrowdStrike, admits that he himself is totally impressed by their speed of execution. "We've dealt with them on various investigations, we discover them, we confront them, and this time they take to take control is a good indicator of their level. It shows what their operational tempo is, they're incredibly fast."

He noted that according to his own research, more than 30 miles of intrusion were due to them in 2018 and that it took only about 18 minutes to allow these experts to take full control of the systems they are targeting. They are far ahead of their direct competitors the North Koreans who take a little longer to control a system, and the Chinese who take several hours to get there.

Western hackers, meanwhile, are not in its ranking because it is impossible to have information about their performance. Especially if they come from the allied countries that we all know. Surely they don't want us to know more about their skills. At the moment there is only the speed used as an indicator of their effectiveness in the field.

However, this gives an overview to those who will be responsible for combating their actions. Indeed, all this suggests a security system based on immediate detection of intrusions. The real question here is what is the position of Western hackers in the face of such a flood of Russian authority in this sector that was acquired not so long ago.

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TPAs: These hacker groups that terrorize international institutions

In the world of organized crime, mainly in the computer sector, there are groups of highly skilled people.

Hackers with extreme skills. These groups form teams of specialized hackers, usually offering their services to powerful states or financial groups. They are identified as APT(Advanced Persistent Threat), which is summed up in French as a "persistent advanced threat." They are famous in the world of cyber-crime and have quite substantial means, they most often attack American cities. Almost every week a new attack is reported to them.

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They are generally different from other groups of hackers whose main and widespread objective is only to enrich themselves through attacks by Ransom Software or even theft of cryptographic currencies. The APT, on the other hand, are specialists in slow war. Attack strategies defined over several months and usually made use of infiltration procedure, patiently they manage to reach their target surgically. They are generally interested in the energy, health and technology industries. Their goal, sabotage and industrial espionage. The most common practice is installing backdoors in their target's system. It can take years, several months, but in the majority of cases they do.

The sponsoring states of these specialized pirate groups are generally taking into account, of course, strategic and general considerations; Russia and China. They are accused by the Western media at all times, as the first sponsors of the APT. For example, in 2018 the Us media outlet New York Times revealed that the attack on the US power grid by the "dragon fly 2.0" malware was due to an APT under the kremlin's control. The revelations were confirmed by Symantec's computer security company.

he is literally difficult to pinpoint its groups of hackers, the modes varying by objective and by the sponsoring country as well as than the styles of attacks.

Recently the American computer security company FireEyes to write a very detailed report on the group of hackers called APT41 in the pay of the Chinese state.

Also known as the double dragon, this group of Chinese hackers has been active since 2014. The specialty is cyberespionage, even if they also extend sabotage, to counterfeiting cryptographic currencies, to discovering security vulnerabilities to sell it to the highest bidder and to the infiltration of media networks, video games, telecoms or even automobiles.

According to the English media the Guardian, this group of Chinese hackers would be the culprit cryptographic currency mischief, to the tune of millions of Dollars. It cannot be said whether they acted on their own or for the purposes of state account sponsor

Whether they are in the pay of the states or any private sector, these cyber criminals are indeed a threatening reality on a daily basis, our lives, our finances, and our digital security.

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How do I become a hacker?

First, what does the concept of Hacker close?

In truth, the definition of Hacker is far from what many of us think. Generally speaking, a Hacker is a person who has the technical and strategic ability to bypass computerized systems to gain access to unauthorized data from those systems. And by this unclear definition that many people tend to think unfortunately that Hackers are not hackers who do not have very good intentions in their computer practices. Clearly, hacker doesn't necessarily mean hacker, even if some hackers are.

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Hacking (what the hacker does) is, you have to a state of mind, a spirit of competition, for curious minds and this clearly indicates a vast knowledge that gives the disposition of the see the smallest details of things and then clear up his vulnerabilities to rectify them. It should also be noted that hacking can extend to several areas, or the meaning of the term "hacker" becomes: "DEVELOPPER ».

To conclude our definitional approach let's note that the Hacker is an individual who shows that he has a passion for understanding how computer devices work and the networks that connect them.

How to become hacker?

The first hacker's disposition is knowledge of the programming. This is, absolutely, the fundamental competence of a hacker. In the 1997s, the programming language to be known was the C language. However, be aware that you cannot claim to be a hacker or even a fair programmer, if you don't have control of a single programming language. It is essential to learn how to design programming in general terms, independently of a language of programming in particular.

To be a true hacker, you would have to be at a level where you will be able to learn a new language of programming in a matter of days, establishing the relationship between what is noted in the learning manual and your own knowledge.

This means that you need to know several programming languages and very different. In addition to the C language, you also need to learn the "LISP (or Sset – NDT)" and the "Perl (or Python – NDT), and Java language has for some time its also places it on the list. In addition to having the status of the most popular languages used by hackers, they each form a very varied approach to programming, and will certainly contribute very sensitively to your formation.

Recovering the Unix system in open source and learn how to handle and develop it.

Unix, it must be said is the operating system of the Internet. You may as well use the Internet without even knowing the Unix world. On the other hand, you will never become a true Internet hacker without knowing what Unix is. That's why the world of hacking is strongly geared towards Unix.

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Why are social networks targeted by hackers?

If you use the Internet on a daily basis, you know that there is a significant risk of being hacked, especially through social networks. Wondering why Facebook or Twitter are the target of these hackers? The Password Revelator team offers three explanations for this fact of society:

Because there is a lot of personal data on social networks

You probably feel like you're not saying too much about yourself on social media. However, take the time to think about it. If you're totally honest with yourself, you'll be able to see how easily you spread personal information about yourself on social networks. Of course, some people take more precautions than others. But even if you don't tell your whole life on Facebook or Twitter, know that there is a risk. Just registering on a social network makes you an easy target for hackers. Before posting a status on Facebook, you'll think twice before clicking "Send" button.

Your personal data can cost you dearly: and hackers are fully aware of it!

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Because internet users don't secure their social media accounts well enough

This is not just about social networks: Users tend not to secure their accounts well. While it's not very complicated: just choose a complex and unique password for each platform! And if possible, change from time to time to blur the tracks! You also have to take the time, when registering on a social network, to fill in the privacy settings: promised, you will have plenty of time to browse the social network in a few minutes… But in the meantime, think about your safety and that of others!

Social networks are a very easy gateway for hackers: don't make it easy for them!

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Because viruses spread there at high speed V!

Identity theft is common on social networks (not surprising considering it's easy to hack an insecure password). For hackers, this is a great way to spread viruses in less time than it takes to tell! You've probably already clicked on a link posted by one of your contacts without checking the source of the link and message. On social networks, viruses and other attacks spread at high speed V: it is important to be aware of this to avoid being hit!

Stay on your guard, but don't forget to enjoy your social networks!

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