How do I become a hacker?

How do I become a hacker?

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First, what does the concept of Hacker close?

In truth, the definition of Hacker is far from what many of us think. Generally speaking, a Hacker is a person who has the technical and strategic ability to bypass computerized systems to gain access to unauthorized data from those systems. And by this unclear definition that many people tend to think unfortunately that Hackers are not hackers who do not have very good intentions in their computer practices. Clearly, hacker doesn't necessarily mean hacker, even if some hackers are.

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Hacking (what the hacker does) is, you have to a state of mind, a spirit of competition, for curious minds and this clearly indicates a vast knowledge that gives the disposition of the see the smallest details of things and then clear up his vulnerabilities to rectify them. It should also be noted that hacking can extend to several areas, or the meaning of the term "hacker" becomes: "DEVELOPPER ».

To conclude our definitional approach let's note that the Hacker is an individual who shows that he has a passion for understanding how computer devices work and the networks that connect them.

How to become hacker?

The first hacker's disposition is knowledge of the programming. This is, absolutely, the fundamental competence of a hacker. In the 1997s, the programming language to be known was the C language. However, be aware that you cannot claim to be a hacker or even a fair programmer, if you don't have control of a single programming language. It is essential to learn how to design programming in general terms, independently of a language of programming in particular.

To be a true hacker, you would have to be at a level where you will be able to learn a new language of programming in a matter of days, establishing the relationship between what is noted in the learning manual and your own knowledge.

This means that you need to know several programming languages and very different. In addition to the C language, you also need to learn the "LISP (or Sset – NDT)" and the "Perl (or Python – NDT), and Java language has for some time its also places it on the list. In addition to having the status of the most popular languages used by hackers, they each form a very varied approach to programming, and will certainly contribute very sensitively to your formation.

Recovering the Unix system in open source and learn how to handle and develop it.

Unix, it must be said is the operating system of the Internet. You may as well use the Internet without even knowing the Unix world. On the other hand, you will never become a true Internet hacker without knowing what Unix is. That's why the world of hacking is strongly geared towards Unix.

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