What tricks to protect yourself from hacking?

What tricks to protect yourself from hacking?

August 4, 2019 Off By admin

Today, piracy has become a fashion phenomenon, almost everyday.

Everyone wants to try it and in the long run, we risk ending up with a real cybernetic crisis. But before we get to that point, we must know that piracy affects everyone. Often without even knowing it, and it seems difficult to know how to protect ourselves against such a scourge.

from our side, we'll give some tips to keep your business safe line. But don't forget one thing, it all depends on you not to be that prey easy.

Secure passwords

Each of your passwords must be complex enough to prevent them from being guessed:

  • Never choose easy words that you might guess in no time. Please avoid the name of your dog or cat even less that of your favorite comic book hero without forgetting the name of your favorite footballer.
  • You should also think about using a combination of several distinct characters – the mixture of tiny, also numbers and special characters will create a pretty strong password.
  • Don't think any more passwords by substitutions: hackers know already this trick, for example choose "word of pa$$e" instead of "word of pass." CERN recommends the use of quotations, which would be fairly simple to memorize without it being too popular. Hackers generally have lists of widely used passwords, with this, they will be able to very easily crack yours in if it is simple enough.
  • On the other hand, it is it's very important that you use a password that will be different for every online platform where you'll have a user account. We'll do reference to the reference site such as email services, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social networking platform, bank sites or online banking.

Dual-factor authentication for access to all your accounts

if you've set strong passwords for each software and website, where you have an account. You can consider another step, dual-factor authentication (2FA). With this program, a site Internet will alert you if someone other than you was trying to connect to your user account. From a mobile or any kind computer device you've never had to use. This technique there admittedly, it does not make it any easier for hackers who will have to difficult to access your account. And even having at their disposal the word Pass.

one once the dual-factor authentication system is enabled, the site will send you a message – in general, it is an SMS – in which there is a code that you will have to enter by wanting to connect with a new device or a new browser. So it's almost it's impossible for a hacker to hack into your account if he doesn't have access to your telephone.

On the other hand, if you misplace your phone, you'll have a hard time taking advantage of the SMS check. It is then best to have another way that you would have planned to recover this second control code. Some banks do not sometimes use particular keychains that generate codes, however you can also opt for a similar system such as a "Yubikey". Because, if a second code received by text is almost always enough, it is better to think of a better way by which you could connect if by misfortune you no longer have your phone in your hand …

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