How can I avoid being hacked?

How can I avoid being hacked?

August 5, 2019 Off By admin

Secure all your personal information

Websites always ask you for enough personal information that often no one else knows you. For example, you can take your wife's maiden name, the name of your first dog or even pet cat.

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The name of primary school teacher, in order to ass sure of your identity especially when you are looking to change your password.Above all, don't give this information to anyone. Often in quizs, on social networks such as Facebook, you are asked what your name would be if you were a cat or a dog or an alien – it's a backdoor way (often, because it's not always the case) to push you then to give the name of your pet by associating it with a character from your favorite TV production.

This is precisely all this information coveted by hackers. In this case, you have the right not to tell the truth during these little games on these social networks, because in the context where you are asked for the reset on your part, the websites will only be concerned with receiving the exact control response, the one you provided when creating your account.

Secure your phone

you be aware that being vigilant with your passwords will not help you great thing nothing if you don't protect by your phone. Since he has become our faithful companion, it is used for almost everything, from sending e-mails, instant messages and bank services online and other social networks, the telephone is the tool of our time. if you misplace it then, it will be terrible if you haven't locked it.

the PIN code is the basic security for locking a phone. You have to ensure that this code cannot be easily found by another person, which immediately excludes your date of birth.

the Biometric systems aren't really perfect, but if your phone supports the facial recognition or fingerprint system, turn it on.

On the other hand, in some situations, you need to be able to erase the contents of your smartphone remotely. Models Android and iOS let you do so. In addition, your footprint Digital will be a good way to secure your mobile phone.

Update your operating system

The operating system of all your devices, whether for the browser, desktop, antivirus, personal firewall, etc., needs to be constantly updated. Hackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities. And generally, updates help fill these gaps.

Also, these hackers will take advantage of untimely programs in order to use their flaws not corrected by the system to infect it. That's why updating your systems is very important.

Install antivirus on your devices

No computer is invulnerable. Don't make it easy for your attackers. if you are protecting better it will be. And this will be more difficult and deterrent will be for these malicious people. In computer science, a firewall can always limit the number of inbound and outbound connections to a terminal. Even so, a hacker finds a flaw in your device, your antivirus can prevent it from harming you.

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