SailPoint study: new habits for IT teams in business

SailPoint study: new habits for IT teams in business

August 17, 2020 Off By admin

SailPoint recently released its report on the habits of IT teams in business.

According to the report, the majority of IT managers in the EMEA area are 86% of the most mobile managers in the EMEA area, which will see growth in usage for SaaS applications. Increase in these applications is expected for the next 18 months. The report states that the phasing out of telework will not affect this progression in any way.

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The report was written following a survey conducted by the company during the month of July 2020, among its customers located in the EMEA area. More than 241 IT managers were interviewed from July 1 to 9, 2020. So only a few months ago. In short, 75% of the experts interviewed on the subject said: "having an identity governance platform in support of their cyber security infrastructure during the Covid-19 crisis. according to the SailPoint. 62% of these specialists, or two thirds of my face, that their company plans to expand their identity management platforms by next year. "In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, organizations and their employees have had to switch to entirely new ways of working. Remote work or telework has become the norm, new communication technologies have been rapidly adopted, and the flow of information has had to adapt to an unprecedented upheaval. The report notes.

The company reported that the coronavirus pandemic has forced computer equipment to redouble its efforts twice as much in preserving the integrity of their organization's IT infrastructure. This was in a context where computer attacks had increased significantly, and the majority targeted employees who worked from home.

By referring to the survey produced by the cybersecurity company, it would be possible to determine the organizational line of several companies with regard to their resilience in terms of everything related to their IT structure and their preparation to meet the new challenges that are shaping up to be more decisive than ever.

Commenting on the survey results, Ben Bulpett, EMEA Marketing Director at SailPoint, commented: "Due to the switch to telecommuting, IT teams have had a harder time controlling their company's security perimeter as hackers seek to take advantage of users' multiple access points. And because of the ever-increasing mobility of employees, a question arises – who now has access to what?

"For many companies, security and compliance flaws have emerged as they strive to maintain the continuity of their operations, and it is crucial that these issues are resolved to ensure their survival. As organizations prepare for a new economic crisis, identity governance is one of the tools that can help them meet future challenges."

"Whether employees continue to work from home, return to their offices with different responsibilities, or even work on the basis of subcontracts, identity governance plays a crucial role in protecting the company's security perimeter. With it, IT teams can accelerate the process of enabling and securing their users' access to critical applications, data and infrastructure, quickly adapting to changing needs. ».

We'll see each other while three key points have been selected by SailPoint, which IT teams must follow to meet the need for the growing numbers of employees that is coming back to the office soon, thus ending telework in some way:

– regular updating and continuous verification of different identities

– The access authorization requirement for the use of certain business applications

– Controlling the actions of all users of connected services

– Switching data protection to an identity control process instead of perimeter security. Checking all storage devices will also be required.

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