The different things hackers can do with your personal and financial data stolen

The different things hackers can do with your personal and financial data stolen

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It is not uncommon for you to hear that there are data leaks or system intrusions there.

The goal or the consequences are always the same. Stealing personal data. But the questions we don't usually ask is what is he going to do with his data that he just stole? Speaking of the pirate, of course. So we're going to show you in this article the different things a hacker could do when he has your data in his hands, finally in his computer.

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Use what a data hacker could do that uses varies depending on the nature of the data and of course its importance.

Personal data related to Identity

Digital data linked to the identity of the user or even called, by the famous lawyer Alain Bensoussan, name data, are a set of information that allows to identify the individual whether in terms of marital status or on the social or geographical aspect. In other words, it is usually names, first names, home addresses, age, marital status or data relating to race or ethnicity. And also the phone number or the social security number… it is data that is recently stolen during data leaks or powerful cyber attacks. Hackers use this kind of data is diverse. For example, making loans or loans, ordering credit cards in the name of the victim whose identity has been stolen. This data may also be sold to organizations specializing in the analysis of personal data for advertising or statistical purposes. It is not uncommon to see this kind of data marketed on the DarkWeb.

Financial data

that are data that relate to financial transactions or financial transactions victims' financial identifiers. These may include, among other things, bank identity, account numbers or passwords, passwords, usernames for financial platforms. Once that kind of data is in the hands of hackers, you don't know what are the consequences you face. Indeed, they could to access your bank accounts or the various platforms through which you and constantly put transactions. the consequences are terrible for the finances of the victims. You can quickly you find a debtor of a large sum of money or see your accounts bank emptied.

one very sensitive data is that of the bank card. Indeed the number credit card that his life has many things especially with the evolution of online markets. If a hacker manages to access your account number you are in a good place especially if you don't know anything about it. in effect it might just be just shopping online, not to risk but the consequences are the same if your account banking. It will crumble.

That's why it's essential to make sure your credit card ages aren't that easy. All the more reason to opt for alternative security means, such as dual-factor authentication.

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