Hackers and our personal data

Hackers and our personal data

September 4, 2019 Off By admin

Personal data is information that are generated and collected through digital information systems.

Among other things, they allow us to identify ourselves, but also to link us to certain institutions, certain sectors or even to markets. That's why hackers want to steal them from us all the time.

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However, the use of this data a hacker varies depending on the type of data he or she will have.

The data from health

Health data is called all information to determine a person's health status, or to determine a person's health medical services that could be accessed, or accessed by an individual.

This information can be used to identify persons at the same time as identifying personal information. some offenders can use health data to obtain medicines or treatments that can only be provided by express issuance of an order. One of the causes of drug trafficking or narcotics.

The data related to education

Information about a person's journey such as his school curriculum or various courses he could have taken are in the education-related data category. This may also be transcripts, diplomas.

Criminals often use it to make to blackmail or to make illegal copies of diplomas. However, identity thefts are also one of the alternatives. Indeed pirates computer scientists pretend to be students or students to commit vandalism or assault on administrators.

IDs connection

Connection identifiers are the information which allow you to have access to an account on a website or on the website web simply. These include email addresses, names users, passwords…

Except for this kind of information it will literally you can't access an account you'll have on any website. So you understand that if a hacker manages to get his hands on it he will also have access to this account. With all the inconvenience that could to go there such as stealing other types of data, identity theft, espionage. Worse, the hacker can prevent you from having access to your accounts by simply changing its identifiers.

It is for all these reasons that it is recommended generally to be very careful about how you use your login credentials. You should have this disposition not to serve anywhere, at any time, also to pay attention to the terminal you use. In addition, it is advisable to change passwords and opt for duplicate confirmations stage.

On the other hand, connection data generally social networks, allow them to attack other people or others. to initiate other types of attacks such as phishing. especially Pay attention to your email address as it is the login ID on the more important it is that you won't. It's like your web identity in somehow.

Social Security numbers

The Social Security number is also data which are generally the target of cybercriminals, especially those in the case of cybercriminals. Years.

We can take the example of hacking database of Capital One, the U.S. bank that was robbed of about 140,000 Social Security numbers.

Your Social Security number for hackers it is a valuable tool that allows you to have the benefits you deserve especially in the use of public services. It's as much more countries such as the United States and Canada. Indeed, in many cases, these two countries the social security number is a major reference allowing to identify individuals.

The phone number

The phone number and a data not delicate enough because its use is not so decisive. However, it can allow hackers to spy on you or have access to certain items that refer you, such as your first and last name, your address. However it's quite different when it's a service you used through the phone number. For example, banking or online accounts.

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