Tech gadgets that sell like hotcakes are dangerous for users' personal data

Tech gadgets that sell like hotcakes are dangerous for users' personal data

January 15, 2020 Off By admin

Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of the Consumer Electronics Show, announced that in 2020, an incredible increase in technology consumption for the year in the United States would have to be announced.

Indeed, by some estimates, sales of smartphones, connected TVs, homes, are expected to increase by 4% and on the wireless headphones side, growth will be 31% with a commercialization of more than 67 million devices, for a total gain of about 8.2 billion.

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On the side of beauty, health and well-being as a whole, it should also be expected that the technology market will increase some time more and more connected. With regard to the health care, an increase of about 16% is already expected by 2020, which will generate more than 10 billions of dollars in revenue.

For other sectors such as sleep tech, Babytech or Familytech, "AI and machine learning permeate the entire health sector. Jill Gilbert of Living in Digital Time, the organization that organizes conferences at the Consumer Electronics Show, says. In a statement to the press, Jill Gilbert said: "The biggest barrier to the adoption of the latest technologies is not innovation, but trust. ».

In the face of such an increase, of course, the issue of digital confidence as well as the privacy will be at the centre. Connected objects have a bad reputation in this area. There have been several accused of infringing on users' privacy. And for that several consumer associations have had to complain and alert at this level. The challenge is daunting and unfortunately nothing seems to be users who are the first victims, and the only ones for that matter.

Despite the fact that public regulatory institutions have repeatedly imposed large fines on the wrong-faults, resentments and worries have grown more and more in the years that pass. In such a way that some institutions even call on the authorities to dismantle the dominant private institutions in the sector. And after the trade war between the United States and China, the technology market does not support better, not to mention the ethical management of personal data. In the New York Times, American author Rob Walker wrote: "It's very fashionable to complain about technology. (…) Our devices distract us, social networks poison public debate, new connected objects violate our right to privacy (…) but in reality we love our gadgets more than ever. There is no flashback to tech. ».

In a futuristic approach, we realize that machine learning will grow more and more. This technology will be able to describe and anticipate more effectively our desires and desires. The evil in all this is that it will only be for advertising and marketing purposes. This is exactly what an Accenture report confirms: "Reading emotions is a special business. ».

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