Do tamper-like passwords exist?

Do tamper-like passwords exist?

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The various examples of hacking of large companies show that this type of threat is to be taken really seriously. If it is possible to hack into sophisticated security systems, it is important to imagine how easy it will be to operate in the same way on all Internet accounts. To protect yourself, it is important to know the basic rules in order to be able to take the right habits in the field.

Personal information to be preserved

A solution most often used, it is by no means a means of truly protecting against external threats. This information can be found in an email, on personal or professional social networks so the web hacker can easily find it and have access to all the contents of the different sites used. We must therefore forget this widespread habit and look for more complex formulas.

Even information about children can be easily found by an expert in the art of piracy so even if these choices allow you to have a thought for your loved ones, it is better to keep them to yourself and choose an access code that does not relate to a personal element or to everyday life. As the first target of hackers, people who have kept the habit of trusting their usual passwords may regret it.

Build your own combination

To take advantage of a personalized password, choosing a particular word or phrase and transforming them will be a good way to make the task more difficult for hackers. Adding a capital letter at the beginning of the word, alternating tiny and numbers, choosing a special character are all tracks to be preferred to be able to make his password virtually inviolable. The greater the difficulty, the less the threat will be because the purpose of piracy is to be as quickly as possible, which this measure has every chance of discouraging.

This exercise will only take a few minutes and will ultimately be the key to protection on the web because the password chosen will only make sense for the user and be able to crack it will be a challenge even for experts in the field. A computer keyboard has so many possibilities that it would be a shame not to use them to its advantage to avoid this type of inconvenience. All means are available to Internet users so they just have to use them ingeniously.

How to organize password management

Since it is strongly discouraged to use the same passwords for each site, it will be necessary to remember each of them. However, keeping a written directory is a risk just like stickers on the computer because malicious curious people could take advantage of it to use them. If the chosen access codes are to differ, it is obvious that they should not be stored on the computer because a hack can contaminate the entire computer and the precautions taken previously would then be reduced to nothing.

Password managers are being created to keep all of this confidential data safe from people who would seek access to it. Always available to the user, it directly identifies when a site has been cracked and informs the user to take the necessary steps. This new mode of operation could well be a solution against this scourge for the time being, as it will also be necessary to check their personal protection. The guarantees of protection of personal passwords through this must be total.

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