Updating your software can protect you

Updating your software can protect you

November 27, 2019 Off By admin

U.S. cybersecurity firm Avast conducted an analysis of the impact of the updates.

In this study, it showed that the majority of computers and software installed on Windows terminals were obsolete. The updating of its computer tools is literally, what can be called collective neglect.

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This failure to update is not without risk according to the IT security company. At first the dangers evoked here is not only about software. For it may well be the operating system itself under certain obsolete conditions. In this case, the terminal concerned becomes a gigantic door open to the hacker to initiate all kinds of attacks.

This negligence inevitably leads the user to put himself in danger while unnecessarily exposing himself to computer hacking that he could easily avoid. A terminal that is not up to date allows spyware companies to siphon off your personal data or tamper with it for the purpose of using it at the right time.

According to Avast, "More than 50% of the software installed on Windows PCs would come in the form of an older version, i.e. they did not receive the necessary updates. The figure is in 2018 and the case affected 48% of users."

In its analysis, the U.S. company conducts a census of the most used in versions that are not regularly updated. These include Adobe Shockwave, VLC Media Player, Skype, Java Runtime Environment and 7-zip Filemanager. In the same vein, several users of the Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems continue to use their terminals without being up to date. We are talking about exactly 15% of 163 million users worldwide using these devices.

the update then presents itself as a necessity absolute. The more it is pushed back, the more the user is put in danger. As we know, updates most of the time, are mainly used to fill gaps security vulnerabilities discovered by software vendors or operating system. When the update is not made, the user often faces many problems such as bugs, which will occur and will make it more difficult to use the terminals. In some cases, there are problems with compatibility between the software and the operating system. furthermore Avast will note that "outdated applications are not the only sources of risks to users. ».

In addition, Avast has meant that a very large portion of Windows system users do not adopt preventive measures to enhance the security of their devices. That's why she advises activating the automatic update of the operating system, which will allow the user to do so in a systematic way without the user worrying.

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