Is streaming a cybersecurity hazard

Is streaming a cybersecurity hazard

December 10, 2019 Off By admin

In the last 5 years, streaming has been very developed and has reached quite high proportions.

It's hard to get by the times. With the development of several platforms that have promoted this, whether at the cinema level with Netflix or Amazon Prime video, music with Spotify or other domains, it is also possible today to do without this technology.

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Whether it's paid or free platforms, it's possible for everyone to find interest with content that is more and more varied. So there will be a lot of questions about these web tools increasingly used by Internet users, and their impact on computer security.

Admittedly, and this has been done, streaming is consumed every year by billions of people around the world. this means that streaming sites are increasingly becoming prime targets for cyber criminals. Especially when we are facing streaming sites that are un unofficial or that are not official at all. There are hundreds of such visitors with thousands of visitors. Being very unstug, the preferred hunting ground of hackers who take advantage of the inehlowness of Internet users to make their terminals when they try to connect to this site.

"In general, it is estimated that Internet users are 28 times more likely to be infected with malware by visiting an illegal streaming site than by browsing only legal sites. Beyond these elements, the dangerousness of these sites is also explained by the amount of traffic they generate and the fact that Internet users who become infected there do not complain to the authorities as they were on an illegal site. Matthieu Bonenfant, Marketing Director of Stormshield, explained in a blog post.

then what a real danger is real to users of streaming platforms. he First, it should be noted that people using free viewing are exposed the most often to conventional forms of piracy. Indeed that it is by clicking abusive or malicious advertising, where the exploitation of a vulnerability, there is always a way to infect the terminal used by the user. one speaks in these conditions of ransomware, cryptominage programs, Adwares or other forms of Trojan horse. And this is justified by a very "9,986 different malwares were detected in episodes of Game Of Thrones can be downloaded illegally in 2018. The risks are therefore multiple, varied and considerable. matthieu Bonenfant.

As can easily be understood, there is a boundary between downloading and streaming. indeed, this can be explained by the fact that the majority of streaming sites also offer a service to download the content they make available to their visitors. As a result, it is very easy then to offer malware through this kind of platform.

However, the risks are twice as great when you are in a professional context. "By the way, BYOD or the use of one's professional computer for personal purposes is becoming more and more common. It is easy to imagine what the consequences of spreading malware from a professional computer or through the company's network could be. To limit the risks, it is important to increase the protection of professional workstations that will prevent infection locally by blocking the actions of malware, such as exploiting a browser vulnerability. stormshield's marketing manager explains.

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