The rest of the Capital One data theft case. Canada's elected officials get involved

The rest of the Capital One data theft case. Canada's elected officials get involved

September 3, 2019 Off By admin

In a somewhat general context, events at the banking institution, Capital One and the Desjardins structure in Canada have alerted many politicians, particularly Canadian parliamentarians.

Especially since it is largely in these cases the numerical data of Canadians.

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Opposition lawmakers have pointed the finger at the Quebec government for failing to take computer security experts to put in place solutions to combat this wave of cybercrime, as it had been recommended since the beginning of the year. A few days ago the government did not act on these complaints against him, refusing to extend its mandate to the level of any 'initiative relating to the leaks of personal data that have taken place in recent times.

He believes that such situations are much more relevant to the structures that hold and process this personal information, such as the US bank.

But that hasn't stopped opposition MPs from demanding the expansion of the government's mandate in its business of managing Canadians' personal data. Protecting the private data of Canadians must be a priority for the government. Therefore, the involvement of the government would be entirely logical and even necessary. To this end, they wished to convene a working session with the government authorities to further unravel the issue. The opposition's financial spokesman said: "It is a great disappointment today to see the CAQ politicize the crucial issue of privacy by refusing to extend the commission's mandate. We want members to be summoned quickly so that we can move forward, because we are now at the same point as yesterday because of the government's stubbornness T[…]he citizens' concern for the protection of their personal data goes far beyond this summer's Desjardins event. The government side attempted a forward shovelling manoeuvre by deciding to deal with the situation in a silo rather than taking into account the concerns of the citizens. »

For another opposition MP, Gaétan Barrett, this position of the government not to want to expand its scope of control is incomprehensible."Quebecers don't just give their personal data to their banking institution. The least we can do is get the government to agree to look at a broader mandate, because together we need to find solutions to better protect consumers and prevent data leaks from happening again. »

Lise Thériault, the opposition's consumer and housing critic, said: "Today, the public expects parliamentarians to address the issue of personal data protection. This must be done in a transparent manner, and in order to do so, the government must agree to focus on an expanded mandate in order to hear from all the experts involved in order to better understand the issue and, ultimately, to address the concerns of Quebecers. »

Since the beginning of August, this case has continued to cause clashes in the Canadian political class. More than a cybersecurity issue now political assistant in an area foreign to computer circles.

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