TikTok vs. U.S. Administration: a reprieve for the Chinese company

TikTok vs. U.S. Administration: a reprieve for the Chinese company

November 16, 2020 Off By admin

The US administration of Donald Trump has reportedly further rejected the implementation of the executive order banning the use of Chinese-made enforcement in the United States.

The ban should have taken effect from midnight Thursday. However, for some reason the Trump administration is pushing back that date again.

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As a reminder, apartment application to the Chinese group ByteDance has been accused for some time now of serving as a spy point for the benefit of the Beijing government.

The report of the ban was announced in a statement released by the Commerce Department on Thursday. It would seem that she "will not take effect pending further legal developments. as the press release states. The Commerce Department is responding to a decision handed down on October 30 by a federal court in Pennsylvania in the eastern United States. This decision follows a referral by Troy, the social network's content creator. As a result, Judge Wendy Beetlestone then issued a stand-off to the Trump administration so that it would not prevent the Chinese application from being provided by essential services such as accommodation. The Pennsylvania court judge haddock asking for the suspension of the presidential decree issued on August 6 TikTok, which presented it as a "threat to national security".

The judge's decision was hit by an appeal from the U.S. Department of Justice.

"We look forward to reaching a solution that addresses their concerns on the social network's side in a statement, released after the Commerce Department's. It should be noted that TikTok himself filed a Washington court request to have the presidential decree suspended. Last Tuesday, the social network hired an appeals court in Washington. The aim was to overturn another executive order signed by US President Donald Trump on August 14, 2020. To that end, it was a measure that forced TikTok's parent company to sell its U.S. operations within 90 days, or face banishment, in the name of "U.S. national security." The court, for its part, gave a deadline of up to December for each party to present supporting documents.

In practice, it must be said that Donald Trump's approach to the accusations made to popular enforcement is not yet followed by physical evidence. According to him, the app would collect data from the Americans and pass it on to the Chinese government for espionage intentions.

Since his defeat to Joe Biden, the Democrat, the issue of TikTok has not yet been addressed by his administration. It turns out that he and his team are busy challenging the results of the votes, launching accusations of fraud without providing further evidence. However, the outgoing U.S. president did not fail to sign another executive order on Thursday that prohibits Americans from investing in Chinese companies, which are accused of having a connection with China's military activities.

For the time being, an agreement has been reached between various companies including ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart, in order to respond favourably to the requirements of the Trump administration. If the Chinese group is at least willing with this initiative to unite with its two American companies as technology and commercial partners, which they will all have 20% of the company, however, before any conclusions it would first require the agreement of the Chinese government. Indeed Beijing does not agree to drop TikTok technology in the hands of the Americans. In particular, the algorithm developed by the social network that allows users to accurately display content that might be of interest to users. The Chinese government's technology export policy is very restrictive. China has even admitted to losing TikTok to the United States than to drop it into the hands of the Americans.

TikTok is also used by nearly 100 million Americans and 700 million worldwide.

Moreover, with the election of Joe Biden, the social network can hope for an improvement in this situation, because as we know The Democrat does not share many aspects of Donald Trump's policies.

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