WhatsApp: the scam you need to know about

WhatsApp: the scam you need to know about

November 16, 2020 Off By admin

In common practice, cyber criminals are always looking for ways to scam users of digital services.

For this they do not skimp on the means and on the strategies. Their favorite field of action and social networks, especially those networks that get the most users. And that's what we're going to talk about in this article. The social network concerned here is the famous WhatsApp messaging. The scam in question has already been in vogue for a few weeks. Almost everyone talks about it. In any case, this will not be the first time or the last time whatsApp is involved in this kind of large-scale scam.

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Lately, users of the social network have noticed that questions are being asked in a message he was receiving. They were required to have six-digit verification codes. The message read: "Hello, sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, can you pass it on to me? it is urgent." For a standard user, you probably don't pay attention to this kind of request. It is true that since the sender is not necessarily known to you you would not trust him, however, you will not really pay attention to it. However, cyber criminals have thought of everything. They will go through someone you know very well, another user you registered as a contact. It will simply impersonate the individual to make his practice credible. At this precise moment the goal of here criminals and steal your WhatsApp account. Indeed, the WhatsApp account is a significant asset for the cybercriminal.

For some people, the point of this manoeuvre would be to steal information of financial importance. This may be bank data or login credentials to hack into other devices. Unfortunately on social networks, this kind of practice works very and easily. And there are strong chances it works easily.

Practically here's what hackers do. They first install the WhatsApp app on their smartphone. Then they enter the target's number and do so when we log in or create a WhatsApp account. Then they send a message with a code for identity verification. By contacting one of your correspondences, he asks you to send them the code they would have sent you by mistake. The person whose identity is being used is surely someone whose WhatsApp account has already been stolen. If, unfortunately, you actually send them the code you receive by message, then you will lose how like your contact, control of your account, as well as all the data that is affiliated with it, i.e. your contacts and see the stored messages. For this reason, it is recommended to ignore messages received in this way.

Clearly, avoid sharing the codes you have by message without you having previously taken any action, tending to this. Especially when such a technique can pass very easily without it arouses suspicion. Especially with people who aren't really familiar with how WhatsApp codes work.

Therefore, the first rule when you are written even if it is an acquaintance, never transfer a code that you received by message. This can take the form of several types of malicious practices. Simply ask the person to resume their operation to get their code back.

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