Top 4 terms to know about IT security

Top 4 terms to know about IT security

December 6, 2019 Off By admin

Reducing cyber security risks also requires in some cases a knowledge of the vocabulary used in the sector, which will of course enable to initiate good attitude.

Have an idea of the essential terms for determining whether a structure or individual meets the requirements for optimal safety. no doubt you already master the concepts of data, IP address, and viruses.

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Today we will be talking about other people who are also and essential in the vocabulary of cybersecurity.

1- By-fire / Firewall

It is a computer tool to protect a network or computer devices that are usually linked to the them or not at all, Computer attacks from outside. it's a kind of digital China wall that will be tasked with filtering connections and data that will pass from the outside to the inside of the system. This computer tool may be both computer software install on a terminal or even if an intranet or internet network, or the form your entire system is hosted on a clean server.

2 – Cloud

It is a system that consists of creating backups on remote servers via the Internet in order to be able to access them anywhere whenever there is an internet connection available. it is a practice that is becoming more and more common and many companies and individuals in particular use it. Cloud computing is generally referred to when using the cloud to start applications because of the computing power offered by the server that carries it. Even if the cloud presents itself as a well-protected chest, it is not infallible. it is for this reason that it is recommended to be vigilant when choosing your supplier.

3 – Encryption

As the name suggests, it is a technique used in cryptography. It has existed since the beginning of computer science because there have always been files to prevent unwanted people from accessing it. generally cybersecurity professionals much like to use the word "encrypted" much more is instead of "encrypted." This makes it more believable for the more pro. the encryption allows you to lock a computer document with a algorithm that will run on the basis of thousands if not say millions arithmetic operations to be able to decipher it. There is a distinguishing asymmetrical encryption of symmetrical encryption. The first type of encryption is to encrypt the document with a key and be able to encrypt it decipher with another more private key this time around. this is the system used in the case end-to-end encryption for social networks, for example, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. As for symmetrical encryption, the same key figures and numbers the document.

4 – Ransomware or ransomware

In recent years, new and more efficient and destructive computer programs have emerged. The ransomware called ransomware is a hacking strategy that allows to extort money from its victims even while being very far from it. But on what basis? This is very simple. the computer program is able to take a computer system hostage so that the primary user is prevented from accessing it or anyone with regular access. In other words, this computer program allows to take hostage and computer system so that it is inaccessible by the owners. to allow them to finally access it hackers will demand the ransom payment, in exchange for the key that will decrypt the system. hence the famous name: ransomware.

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