Victim of cyberattack French group Eurofins sees its accounts plummeted

Victim of cyberattack French group Eurofins sees its accounts plummeted

September 7, 2019 Off By admin

For the past week, the French group, which specializes in analysis services in pharmaceuticals in agri-food and the environment known as Eurofins, has been under a computer attack.

An attack that immediately resulted in the blocking of its profits earned in the last half-year. The group says they really hope to be able to count on compensation from their insurance.

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the damage caused by the cyberattack is estimated at 35 percent of their profits that have fallen. That's a loss of about 58.9 million euros. In a directors are trying to explain that this is due to a lack of disruption to their system, which is likely to affect the entire business, direct consequences to a ransomware attack he allegedly suffered during the June.

the CEO of the French group Gilles Martin explained to the press "Several of the group's laboratories have been unfortunately hit by a severe cyberattack on 2 June 2019, which significantly affected some of Eurofins' activities in June, temporarily hampering their financial performance. »

a as we speak to you, the French firm is in the middle of a discussion with these insurers in order to obtain some compensation. For the head of the French company, it would have suffered a loss with margin a small margin of 58 million euros in the six-month period total sales of 2.17 billion. The boss of the french-based firm believes that the profitability of the box was also affected. "The impact net financial income, after insurance compensation, is expected to be very "lower than the figures so far put forward" was trying to notify the Eurofins boss. However, he noted that he would of course like to receive "at least partial payments"

The attack was operated on precisely during the first weekend of June precisely The first and the second. The ransomware has taken control of their system preventing any form of activity, for about 2 weeks because it is not June 17 that the system was released from the malware. It's While activities were able to resume. It is also not known whether the French group paid or not the ransom demanded by the pirates because that says ransomware also says ransom to pay. On this side, Eurofins has not declared anything when questioned by AFP.

for recall, we know that attacks by Ramsonware or even in French ransomware are hacking techniques consisting of taking possession a computer system and then prevent users from to have access to it. Once this masterstroke succeeds the pirates computers will demand in exchange for the release of the computer system payment of a ransom. It's a pretty well-known form of piracy in the middle and usually the pirate starts to demand a very large sum money.

Therefore, it is a form of piracy that causes a lot of damage in its wake because not all victims are for the payment of this ransom. 2017 this hacking technique has caused a lot of financial damage to some French groups such as Renaud, Fleury Michon or Saint-Gobain.

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