What are the signs that our PC is hacked

What are the signs that our PC is hacked

September 18, 2019 Off By admin

Often our devices behave strangely.

And one wonders whether or not we are the victims of any hacking. So in this article, we'll show you some signs that will allow you to determine if you're hacked or not.

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1- The response of a network monitoring application

First, there is a distinction to be made between the network activity of a malicious program and those of the applications you have installed yourself on your terminal. Malware usually communicate with external terminals for the purpose of receive instructions or to share this information from the computer in which they are installed. In particular, it is possible to intercept this communication through certain applications that are dedicated to this purpose such as TCPView. Such an application can help you detect unauthorized communications from your device to your device others. You will then be whether it is a rootkit or a keystroke recorder.

2- You connect to the Internet

Go for a walk on you'll know effectively if you you are well hacked or not. Indeed you will see that you are not allowed to access certain sites. Or, your online accounts will be blocked because your passwords or credentials will not be more topical. This is particularly common when we have hacking on phishing. You'll notice that you're constantly being redirected to other sites even if you didn't choose any of them. If you have bought a domain name, you will obviously be unable to access it.

3- Keep an eye on your download history from time to time

In third position, if you have indeed been hacked, it must surely have traces in the downloaded files. Browsers have special tabs for you show what files you've downloaded. If you hacked there's a good chance you downloaded without account, it's a file corrupt that facilitated this. Therefore you have to be constant every time you are on the internet before you disconnect try to make a trick in the settings of your browser and check if you don't inadvertently upload something that might be you Fatal.

4- Watch out for software launched right from the start of your PC

When you start your computer, some apps open automatically. This may be due to a setting or even a hack. in effect some malware starts to open immediately as soon as you turn on your PC. So during the ignition if you check, you will definitely see apps you haven't installed. In the majority cases are malware, because the embedded software only opens adjustment case. If you don't notice anything, open the task manager, if your PC is hacked, chances are you'll notice apps that are open when you don't see them in true.

5- Watch out for logs

Logs are automatic records that show how your software and your PC as a whole works. Everything that happens in your system automatically is notified in the logs. Also from time to time try to take a look at it. If there is an irregular operation of your computer, or a bug of any software, by consulting the logs you will know. However, the information provided by the logs is encrypted. So to the extent that you're not an expert on the subject, you can simply download the apps online so you can decrypt them.

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