What are the most secure operating systems?

What are the most secure operating systems?

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In this article, we'll give you the operating systems you're least likely to be attacked on.

Open BSD

This is the the most secure multi-purpose operating system that exists today. the evidence in practice. It has true suffered only two (2) vulnerabilities that have noted remote attacks during the last ten years. What constitutes a solid evidence of its strict security policy and its technical strict audit. In addition, Open BSD does not have a certain attack surface sufficient to exploit many web applications to exploit.


Linux is a powerful operating and operating system higher level. Once customised, it can be set up to be extremely secure. Linux has an update policy against vulnerabilities very impressive.

HP-UX 11i

Even if it is not the operating system most used on the market to date, this Hewlett-Packard operating system based on Unix was included in this list because of its higher security than many more advanced operating systems Widespread

Windows Server 2000

This operating system is so secure that it took Microsoft nearly ten years to come up with a better one. that operating system for network servers, laptops and Corporate workstations continue to receive patches of even nine years after its publication.

Windows Server 2008

Say what you want about the security of a system Microsoft operating at the very least, they know how to improve and they have suffered the worst security threats the Internet can inflict. This iteration of Windows Server has improved backup and recovery, user account control, web server role (IIS) and configuration of the security of the server role.

Windows XP

It has become one of the most Microsoft's largest and longest (mainly due to Vista's failure to connect to the consumer base using Windows). Unfortunately, it is also one of the most the most secure operating system of all time. Because this system operating services run many network services by default and allow users to access all the privileges by default, it is also hacked and violated almost every day by default too.

Windows Server 2003

The good news is that Windows Server 2003 is always have a more secure operating system than Windows XP. The bad news news is that, from a security point of view, it is even worse than its previous prototype, Windows Server 2000. Nevertheless, it offers improvements such as the default deactivation of services vulnerable and a built-in firewall.


This variant of the Sun Microsystems Unix operating system is located at the bottom of the security hierarchy of this item because it is not inherently security-oriented. Due to certain business-related circumstances, most of Solaris' source code has already been published through the Open Solaris project. Always install the latest patches for the operating system you're running.

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