Who is the best when it comes to corporate cybersecurity?

Who is the best when it comes to corporate cybersecurity?

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The cybersecurity sector has evolved quite significantly over the past 10 years.

Specialists and companies specializing in this sector have grown and experienced meteoric rises such as falls. In a study published in 2019 by the Ponemon Institute, 68% of organizations were affected by security incidents related to computer terminals in question.

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According to the same study, the average cost of computer attacks is US$9 million. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly threatening and constantly adapting and improving their methods of cyber malice. In such a struggle, the advantage is in their camps. This requires a good capacity for resilience and evolution on the part of cybersecurity actors, especially in terms of reaction and detection. Among many others, what is of most interest to users of digital services and businesses is to know which ones are reliable and effective taking into account the needs of the moment.In this context, the Japanese firm Trend micro, which specializes in providing security and cloud computing services for companies, has been recognized as the best company in terms of detection and response in business. This qualification follows an evaluation conducted by the Forrester analysis and research structure, and published in the Forrester Wave ™: Enterprise Detection and Response, T1 2020.

This is an annual evaluation conducted by Forrester Research to determine the company that has been most reactive in the field of detection and response taking into account 14 criteria. During this evaluation, 12 companies online providers on select for exactly three areas of cybersecurity. In terms of detection and response in business, the Japanese firm comes first with the highest score in the following sectors:

– Final point telemetry

– Security analysis

– Product vision


– Corporate customers

– Products from the product line.


– Revenues from the product line.

The services offered by the Japanese company, in terms of detection are quite effective. For example, taking into account the detection system built into the terminals to combat phishing, the most used and moreover the simplest cyber-control technique. A system that has so far yielded better possible results. And this is just one example among many. But beyond the detection systems there is also the interlayer response system (XDR), which again proposes as one of the best on the market. "Our XDR solution allows visibility and analysis that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve," said Steve Quane, Executive Vice President of Trend Micro. He added: "We believe this recognition as a leader in the EDR underscores the importance of simplifying and accelerating threat detection and response, the benefits of our XDR offering and our vision to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solution. ».

For research and analytics firm Forrester Research, the Japanese firm's service offering is at the top of the list for several reasons, including: "Trend Micro has a forward-thinking approach and is an excellent choice for organizations that want to centralize reporting and detection with XDR but have less capacity to proactively search for threats. In addition, "Trend Micro offers XDR features that can have an impact today. Forrester will note that "Customer references universally value Trend Micro's customer engagement." ». In addition, the analytics company does not forget to highlight a very important feature of the micro loan offer. "A particularly interesting fea[Trend Micro]ture of the EDR product is the highlighting of remarkable objects in a root cause analysis. These objects provide tips for swivel threat hunts to identify where other adversaries might have been in the environment. ».

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