Why not use the same password everywhere?

Why not use the same password everywhere?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

Use the same identifiers on all the sites you visit, why not? After all, it's simpler, recorded once and for all, and you don't waste time. except that…

The main risk

Let's imagine for a moment that a hacker discovers, for X reasons, a password from one of the sites we frequent. The first thing it will do is try it on all sites, including merchant sites.

It's even simpler. The passwords we enter are stored on servers. Not to mention hackers who manage to crack these servers, a simple manager of a single site, unscrupulous, will then have virtually access to all the services we frequent.

And yet, he has no hacking skills…

The secret in multiplicity

To minimize the risks, it is therefore necessary to multiply the passwords. The whole thing then remains to remember.

At this level, everyone has their own method, the followers of the work on memory will not notice them anywhere, others will write them on a sheet, well hidden in the home, others will still store them on a file itself protected by a password. So in the end, this one password is to remember.

Problems with piracy

The biggest risk is to think that there is nothing to steal from our PC, or that it cannot happen to us.
An Ebay account, PayPal, or even Facebook, once hacked, can cause big problems. It's equivalent to identity theft on the internet. And the consequences can sometimes be paid for for a long time.

We stayed on the blue card code model, which is used everywhere, for all services, in the same way. But encryption methods have no common measure when it comes to financial and banking institutions. When we enter our password, no electronic chip comes to protect us.

So, to avoid being hacked, it's better to multiply the passwords. The ideal is a different password per site requiring authentication. This seems to some to go against the comfort of use. But it is precisely to maintain this long-term comfort that it is important to be creative in authentication.

Because once the password is hacked, the loss of comfort in the use of internet services is huge. And then, an effort to memorize, it exercises the brain, the only part of the body that wears out only by inactivity.

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