The 5 most common passwords and why not use them?

The 5 most common passwords and why not use them?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

If access to different services on the Internet is governed by the registration of a password, noted by the user, it is because these services contain private or even intimate data. The ideal is to be able to invent, and retain, a different password for each service. And, moreover, it should be renewed quite often.

The most common passwords

Outside, far from all this, internet service users almost always use the same password for all the services on which it goes. And worse, they are all too often childishly simple. As proof, the five most used passwords in the world are also the easiest to find. It makes sense, one might say, a complicated password is also complicated to remember. But from there use to use passwords like:

  • 123456
  • Password
  • 12345678
  • Qwerty
  • abc123

And yet, it is these five passwords that are the most used on the world web. How do we know? Thanks to the pirates. It was by looking at files stolen by hackers, and containing tens of millions of passwords, that this conclusion could be made.

Don't skimp on safety

The question is: how can you imagine that the security of your online bank account is provided by "123456"? When we know that in most cases, the identifier is also the email address, it becomes very simple to hack files, both individuals and companies.

To secure your password, three rules;

  1. Avoid simple words or letters and numbers that follow each other on the keyboard;
  2. Playing with the case. That is to say mix capital letters and lower case, integrate bookmarks (dash, letter with accent…)
  3. A different password per service and as long as to do, changing from time to time.

Passwords to adopt

In order to more easily retain a password that would include tiny and capital numbers, bookmarks and letters, the best solution is to make a short sentence such as "MonChiena-5-year-olds" or "Monvéloà4roues" or "LePèrenoeldu93". While these passwords are easy to remember, they remain among the most difficult to crack.

Hackers will therefore go towards more simplicity and drop these accounts too complicated to penetrate.

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