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Hacking GMail password

What to do when you are hacked?

Can we Hack GMail Account?

A GMail password can easily be hacked. Indeed, imagine that a hacker wants to take part on your email address and all your contacts. What he will do is very simple, he will click on "forget password" and be redirected to the answer part of the secret question. It will see "What is your last name" or "What is the name of your pet? ". How can the hacker answer these questions? He will learn about you on social networks on the Internet. He will analyze your life. He is also afraid to directly ask for his information by diverting a conversation. This is not a single hacking technique, but it is one of the hints that hackers use to hacking words from GMail pass. The advice we can give you is to lie to the answer to the secret question.

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Google can do nothing against this technique, their role is to provide a messaging service to its users and to do their utmost to protect them. But hackers have other tricks in their bags. They can use small scripts that, once registered on computers, will open and discreetly download a virus or spyware. This virus is what is called a Troy horse. It will open the door to hackers and exploit everything on your computer. This is a second hacking technique that works.

The third is the phishing, the victim receives in his emails a strange mail which appears official but which asks him to open a document Word or Excel. In this document is a hidden link that, like the little script, will open the access to the unprotected device.


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