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Hacking a FB password

Facebook is the number one hacked network

Can we Hack Facebook password?

Pirates are always better at hacking an FB password. There are some who use keyloggers, phishing pages, but some go even further. They use a technique called "Bait and Switch Hacking".

Find a Facebook password account
Here is a video of how to hack a FACEBOOK
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(this works also with a phone number or a login ID).

The hacker will buy advertising space on Internet sites and stick to his advertising, which masks a dangerous link. Specifically, when a user clicks on the ad, he will be redirected to a page infected with malware. Without the user noticing anything, hackers will continue to install malware on the victim's computer or smartphone. Especially since this is an endless chain since once the virus is installed, they will be able to reproduce themselves to infinity.

The hacker will only have to wait to receive on his email the identifier of the Facebook account with his password. Think twice, a hacker can hack your FB password as simply as you will not see it come. It's a lot easier than you can imagine. Hackers have hundreds of possibilities to steal a password and their techniques become more and more sophisticated. Nowadays, most users think they are safe on the Internet. It is difficult to imagine that one can be robbed of one's life, friends, identity on the web. We all say that this only happens to others and this will never happen to us and yet, the day this happens, we ask ourselves how we got there. A few years ago, the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance estimated the chances to be 20% per year.


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