3 groups of North Korean pirates in contact with the Americans

3 groups of North Korean pirates in contact with the Americans

September 24, 2019 Off By admin

Bluenoroff, Andarial, Lazarus, are North Korean pirate groups that are now in the crosshairs of the American authorities. It can be said the sanctions have started to fall.

The U.S. Treasury Department a week ago imposed several sanctions on the three North Korean hacker groups. According to the accusations made against them by the US authorities, they are active in the pay of the North Korean regime and have helped the North Korean regime raise funds to finance its nuclear weapons program and the missile.

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he It should be noted that these three groups are already known by the US authorities. they're pretty famous in the hacking world computer science. For Donald Trump's administration, these web mercenaries still operated under orders North Korean intelligence service and in particular the General Office of Reconnaissance (RGB). According to information from the US authorities, these hackers would have used means of attack Computer to buy information Money. From the attack to the ransoming software at banks or ATM networks, casinos, gambling sites or currency exchange platforms Cryptographic. According to the Americans, these pirates have practically used all modern methods of piracy to finance Pyongyang and its weapons project. Apparently the funds would have been hijacked in North Korea and would have gone directly into the North Korean government coffers.

At the moment we are sticking to the American version, as usual the North Korean government has not communicated on the issue. In addition to the sanctions imposed during the week at the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the US President demanded that all bank accounts linked to these hacker groups be frozen.

the Lazarus group in particular is referred to at all times as Pyongyang's preferred tool in espionage. For the U.S. authorities Lazarus is directly linked to the RGB, and would be a team that would make up a specialized department typically to espionage. They have a well-stocked charts. We remember the hacking caused to the world hospital because of the wannacry virus in May 2016 or the hacking of Sony Entertainment in 2014. It may be that Has repeatedly attempted to attack political groups or to government corporations, institutions transport, media and military installations.

concerning the second group, Bluenoroff, the U.S. Treasury Department describes him as Pyongyang's fundraiser. "Bluenoroff was created by the government North Korea to earn illicit income in response to increasing global sanctions (..) The Bluenoroff Group conducts malicious cybernetic activities in the form of burglaries cybernetics against foreign financial institutions on behalf of the North Korea to generate revenue, in part for its programs increasing numbers of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles"

The 3rd Andarial Group would be specifically tasked with "collecting information and creating disorder" again to "attempt to steal information from bank cards by hacking ATMs to withdraw cash or steal information about customers and then sell it on the black market. Under these conditions, he would be "responsible for the development and creation of unique malware to hack poker and online gambling sites in order to steal money," the US administration said.

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