3 easy tips to secure your Facebook

3 easy tips to secure your Facebook

August 3, 2019 Off By admin

With nearly two (2) billion users, Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world.

He is rightly like Google, a key player in the Internet. We can find all generations around the world on this social network.

However, some scandals, particularly those concerning the privacy or exploitation of the personal data of its users such as the Cambridge Analytica case, have not only tarnished facebook's image, but have also raised the issue of the security and integrity of the data emitted by everyone during its passage if that network.

The success of Facebook has generated a lot of interest, both from large companies but also from individuals with not always Catholic intentions. Notably hackers and other web criminals.

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All this demonstrates the need for control but also provisions necessary to protect themselves by secure their Facebook account.

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Here are some tips and tips to secure your account and protect yourself from many problems.

1- the choice of password

Set a strong password for your account Facebook is imperative! The password is the first shield you have against pirates. If you use such a weak password like this '123456' or '098765', you will make it easier easily the task to the hacker who wants to illegally connect to your account.

Above all, you'll also need to avoid passwords that could be easily guessed by those around you (for example, the name of your favorite toy or your date of birth, etc.). These are really passwords too easy to guess. And if you don't want anyone to have access to your Facebook account (or other social networks or website on which you would share your personal data), be careful not to disclose your password!

It sounds quite simple to say that but it is not uncommon to see some people, usually the youngest users, indeed communicate their password to their friends or family members… The password is personal and remains sensitive.

2- dual-factor authentication

Dual-factor authentication is one of the most important actions to implement to secure your Facebook account. Because this process increases the level of security of your account. In addition to entering your password, dual-step authentication will require another code to confirm you.

This code can only be used once, it is sent to you either by SMS to the number listed in the Facebook settings or by Mail. So your connection to your Facebook account on another unknown device in the network will only be possible if you enter the second code correctly.

3- The use of ancillary apps in Facebook

Pay close attention to the app you use when you're connected to Facebook. Indeed, it often happens at a detour to take an interest in a quiz. Or you often play online games and are asked to allow such an application for anything. Think about it. Watch out for the permissions these third-party apps require, don't allow anything without thinking! Otherwise, you may end up with publications that advertise at any point, while you don't publish on your own.

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