How do I secure your Outlook account?

How do I secure your Outlook account?

August 3, 2019 Off By admin

This article we will be proposing today will better explain how you can preserve your Outlook account from a hacker.

We will also address the issue of a flaw that has now been corrected that clearly shows that an implementation error had really serious disastrous consequences. This will help us draw conclusions about the strategies to be put in place to protect your Outlook account.

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The real problem in the field of computer security is usually the same. And this problem is the human being. Outlook has improved the security of its system by adding login alerts and the dual-factor authentication system (2FA). But the problem was on two angles and was more generally at the level of emergency addresses. These were e-mail addresses that must be provided when creating the account. There were in a sense Internet users unconcerned about the protection of their account who filled any way the fields dedicated to the emergency address. And in another sense, Microsoft developers who allowed themselves to display the backup address of an Outlook account given to everyone.

It would have been enough to do a very simple approach, almost too easy to steal an Outlook account. Knowing the number of users of this terminal and budget), it was thus a real negligence on the part of Microsoft that falls back on human fault.

From now on, you will be able to put on your lists precaution, securing his emergency address.

This address is also important in the same way than the main address. Also, when you weren’t connecting for a long time moment, it made your account vulnerable that anyone else could reuse it, no more aberration.

Absolutely note this. All the information security around your Outlook account should be handled with seriousness and updates now if necessary.

Be careful never give your own identifiers whether it’s email addresses passwords to certain websites or programs.

Software capable of hacking Outlook.

PASS REVELATOR is software designed by a hacker group capable of hacking any password from Outlook messaging. It also works for Hotmail, MSN, Live, Passport and Office365.

From an email address, the software will hack into the victim’s Outlook account in just a few minutes.

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Watch out for the keystroke recorders.

Keyloggers recover everything you type on your keyboard, whether it’s the active window, no matter how much you encrypt the connection. With the keystroke recorders, are most popular piracy programs these days.

But next to that we have phishing, if you want let’s say phishing.

It is a very simple process. We’ll make you believe that your info is not up to date or the hacker claim any other problem of connection. The goal is to drive you to a fake site that will recover your login data including your login and password. the phishing by software also exists, in a typical way, with software that asks you to log in to do something they steal your information from you.

Outlook in principle requires a minimum of choice two (2) identification elements, but for many users, these information is not really useful, hence the worries.

Be careful to the secret answer

Some Outlook users think the secret answer won’t help, so they give it to chance and don’t care anymore. They forget it. Remember more or generally respond mechanically to the question asked which seems to be right however, this is a very serious mistake. Because if someone other than you knows the “name of your first animal” or your “comic book hero” your account is at his mercy.

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