4 facts that prove that this is the man's main security flaw

4 facts that prove that this is the man's main security flaw

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Experts have always agreed that humans are undoubtedly the weakest link in the computer security chain.

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This can then be seen in the evil acts, which are constantly repeated, often from carelessness to Webnonchalence through clumsiness. Hence the famous question posed by the most ironic: "Is the human being running at his cyberperte? »

According to the chairman of the general of cybersecurity firm Avast Ondrej Vlcek: "More than 90% of corporate attacks are attributable to men, to the opening of unknown emails and attachments",

During the MasterCard Innovation Forum event, which November 14th in Paris, France, an expert on the computer security named Ilan Graicer, tried to demonstrate through a few illustrations, that he is not necessary to be a genius or even hacker to practice hacking computer science. indeed, some actions have taken place that make it clear that that man himself is the first to be at fault for computer attacks.

1 – The first case dates back since the beginning of 2017, the U.S. emergency agency Hawaii, following a false alarm tries to explain to the press the reasons for this misunderstanding. The problem was that in the background of the video you could clearly decipher the confidential codes noted on post-it notes and glued to the wall or computer screens. Still, our computer security expert smiled and said, "Keep doing what you're doing, you're making our job easier. »

2- The second case refers to a blunder made by the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Indeed, the latter in wanting to show the public that he pays for his professional lunches himself, he and his predecessor, Ehud Barak had the awkwardness to publish a photo of them, during this month of July 2019, their bank card in hand at a reception. Error that required them to block this last card once the huge mistake made discovered.

3- The 3rd case usually concerning the composition of passwords. For Ilan Graicer, "the passwords are always the same. They are predefined on Internet routers, mobile phones and even pacemakers. No one changes them! ». this simply explains why it is so easy today to hack into a computer system, an online account or a terminal simply. Generally, Internet users are not really motivated to form passwords strong enough to protect them from computer attacks. In the category of passwords and more famous and easier to hack we have the 1 2 3 4 5, that of the famous phrase 'password'. Kanye West's password is an atomic bomb. Enough to make more than one laugh. We remember that in October 2018, the American singer was invited to the White House. During the visit, he unlocks his phone in front of the parquet cameras on him. Results, everyone was able to realize that his password was 6 x 0. Some kind of neglect that can be very expensive in practice.

4 – We'll talk about the White House spokesman and a blunder on Twitter. Indeed in 2017, the words of the White House and THE American President Donald Trump known on the Sean Spicer who made a publication that read strange inscriptions "n9y25ah7" and "Aqenbpuu", which looks very much like secret listening.

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