France, the most pirated country in 2019?

France, the most pirated country in 2019?

December 8, 2019 Off By admin

According to various sources, France experienced the highest rate of computer attacks by its private and public structures in 2019.

About 67% of private companies were involved in computer attacks, while only 10% were able to defend themselves against them.

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On the other hand, something very important. The private structures that were most affected were not multinationals or small businesses. in reality companies the most affected were mid-sized establishments (ETIs), whose attack rates increased from 36 percent to 63% since last year. Hence the famous question whether private and public structures are at risk of becoming Champions in cyber attacks in light of the minimalist approach does this of computer security?

As one as all knows, no public institution at the same private company is invulnerable. In the field of computer security, zero risk doesn't exist. No matter the security strategy and the power of the programs it has a structure to defend itself against attacks there are always elements that they should never neglect. Like what the system's data recovery and recovery strategy in the event that a attack that succeeded in through the firewall or in the event of a natural disaster that causes the systems.

one set of protocols that is in the majority of cases overlooked by large companies intermediary.

The majority of decision-makers have been advised to be able to integrate data protection into their development and security policy as the core of this operational strategy. Because data protection directly affects the distribution of tasks, the profitability of companies, as well as the efficiency of service. Because, it is obvious and unambiguous, not all companies manage to survive after the passage of a computer attack of considerable magnitude. To demonstrate the consequence of a computer attack, an objective and subjective approach must be made. First, you have to be clear about one thing. A cyberattack can lead to a business failure.

Indeed, the downtime of a computer system that participates in the unfolding of certain tasks quite complex and important with serious repercussions in the majority of cases. In this vein, while 93% of computer system managers say their system could withstand data loss, 50% believe that a shutdown of about 1 hour is likely to cause very serious financial damage to the company. For example, let's take the case of the French company Saint-Gobain, which suffered a computer attack, one of the consequences of which was of course the shutdown of the services involved by the attacked computer system. In the end, the company suffered a loss of $250 million. euros.

Computer attacks are increasingly sophisticated, sophisticated and numerous. The consequences for businesses and public institutions are diverse. But we must not dwell on the consequences but favour an attitude that tends towards prevention. French companies need to improve their understanding of cyber threats. They need to be able to make a better estimate of the threats to it. The danger will only increase, jeopardizing, sources of income for the French state as well as for the population that will be directly affected if the managers of mid-sized enterprises do not decide to devote more time, money and strategy.

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