45 security flaws fixed at Google

45 security flaws fixed at Google

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

The security vulnerabilities of some sites are real scourges for Internet users. While new operating systems are still performing as well, progress needs to be made towards data protection as piracy intensifies. Faced with increasingly proven techniques, it is very easy to enter a user's computer using a number of different techniques.

Awareness with the Google case

Known to be one of the most widely used systems by Internet users, the revelation of 45 security vulnerabilities has challenged the entire system. If a large group such as this is not able to guarantee total protection to its users, then everyone has the right to wonder if the Internet has not become too dangerous to use on a daily basis. Personal control tools such as anti-virus and malware or computer scans do not always detect a problem.

Google Chrome has not had to suffer too many flaws but the fact that these risks have been reported by individuals shows that with a little knowledge of computer science, it is possible to exceed the measures taken by the different sites. If these anomalies are to be corrected, there is no indication that others will be discovered in the future. The battle is far from won to guarantee full confidence in its computer tools.

A data transfer between sites

One of the most important flaws at the moment is the fact that data can end up directly on another because the link between all those used by the same internal remains open. It is also surprising to note that when simply participating in a contest game, whichever site should be, all the data on Google Chrome is immediately displayed. If it may seem practical at first glance, it is a real danger on the web.

In these circumstances, it will be legitimate to ask what is the case with other data such as bank references, which may as well be hacked by a means as simple as a simple game or the announcement of a particular gain that simply requires payment of the delivery fee. It is not uncommon for payment method references to appear on their own as with PayPal or directly online payment methods of the same type.

The spectre of push worries at the highest level

Push is a mode of operation that once again appeals to smartphone users because they only need to subscribe to a service and then automatically receive the information of all the actions performed. The plan to use this method for the Internet represents a very high risk because servers that operate in this way inform about data about all users who use the same service. It will be very easy for a hacker to break into each of these systems to retrieve the information that allows them to enter the accounts of targeted Internet users.

Being able to combat the development of data hacking in such circumstances will prove very difficult if not impossible. Online security professionals and creators of protection systems want to draw attention to the fact that the evolution of the Internet seems to take into account only the improvement of the way it operates in order to be more practical. This perpetual search for a perfect response to the expectations of Internet users, however, places them increasingly in a situation of danger in relation to the risks that are constantly present on the web.

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