A new IT security solution according to the start-up Weakspot

A new IT security solution according to the start-up Weakspot

January 7, 2020 Off By admin

Present at the international cybersecurity forum, the start-up Weakspot thought to propose a new solution in cybersecurity that presents quite innovative.

It is an instrument that will be dedicated specifically to the IT of companies, in particular, their security. In this regard, we are talking about a SaaS application, which will be less intrusive than those already existing. Its main features will be to allow careful observation of a company's attack surface, trying to take the place of a hacker.

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It should be noted that the idea of this computer tool starts from the observation made by the start-up. Indeed, we really have to recognize that security vulnerabilities, weakspots, which allow hackers to easily attack corporate information systems are only increasing, year after year.

The explosion of innovative solutions to facilitate current actions has also improved the scope of attacks by hackers. To end up making life easier for businesses, modern computing is starting to cause more and more harm. "Software that was internal to the company can be found on the internet, in SaaS. Data storage is now outsourced to the cloud. Work patterns are also changing, employees are more mobile than before, companies are becoming multinationals, creating it-independent subsidiaries. All situations that all large groups are experiencing are increasing their attack area and making it increasingly difficult to control risk on the Internet. This becomes a real headache for IT departments!». Explains Adrien Petit, one of the leaders of the Startup.

In addition, the start-up's new tool will automatically identify the weak points in a company's information system, thus significantly optimizing management and information monitoring costs. In this way, those responsible for information and security systems will now and accurately direct their security efforts. "In the form of an annual subscription, the solution works in three steps: mapping the resources exposed on the Internet, analyzing them once collected by controlling them according to the customer's needs (compliance, computer hygiene or even vulnerability of the information system). Finally, the results are rendered in a dashboard using a double view: an operational and detailed for the technical teams, and a management-oriented view for decision makers and RSSI," says Aurélien Boit, co-founder of the start-up Weakspot.

At the moment the start-up is one of the first to have clearly identified such a need in terms of IT security for companies.And the future of cybersecurity may be on this front. "2020 will be the year of growth to meet our customers' expectations more quickly. Our ambitions are to continue the development of the solution, to intensify our innovation efforts and to industrialize commercialization. We plan to reach a staff of about 20 by the end of the year and want to become the benchmark in our market. concludes Adrien Petit.

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