Why don't you rethink the password?

Why don't you rethink the password?

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The choice of a password to access the various accounts on the Internet must be carefully chosen to guarantee some security. Users' ideas in the field are far from the truth because even though it is particularly long, it is not necessarily complicated enough to avoid hacking and fraudulent use of data. To make sure you have one that performs well, you will need to follow a number of tips.

The dangers of certain passwords

It is important to realize that the password is more than just a way to access a popular site. It is above all a way to secure its data so that it remains confidential for all. A choice that is too simple can be decrypted in a second by hackers so this information indicates that most of those currently chosen can be forced very quickly and must alert.

The choice of this element must therefore be made in a more thoughtful way taking into account the threat (an interesting article in English). Too short, it is practically useless and the chosen base will have to be quickly evolved. The length as such or the combination of alphanumeric characters are not necessarily more effective. The techniques of hackers have evolved so much that this choice will be far from sufficient. Even those that combine multiple words, integrate a number and then incorporate a new word are no more immune. The problem is therefore much more important than it seems to be to be able to open a personal account guaranteeing total security.

Ban common passwords

The conventional wisdom on the best choices in the field needs to be reviewed in order to evolve. A single very simple word is a good idea to be sure to remember it but in the face of the development of increasingly efficient hacking modes, the user who makes this choice voluntarily puts himself in danger. Amusing expressions that refer to all-too-common topics just retain a positive character that will quickly fade away by learning the corresponding risks.

The first name of a loved one or his date of birth are of course to be avoided because they are among the easiest to decode at present. We need to develop a system that acts as a real shield against external threats by stopping creating combinations just to quickly gain access to an account. From now on, each user must take the time to think as a hacker when entering this keyword and choose the most difficult to discover. Some sites also display the level of reliability to help in the implementation of this element.

To delve deeper into the matter, be sure to read the top 10 worst passwords.

Choose passwords

Experts in the field advise choosing a sentence that can be easily retained by the owner but difficult to decode for a person seeking to retrieve this information. It will be necessary to ensure that it is sufficiently complex and distinguish itself from the simple notion of password, followed by the name of the site, which would ultimately be very simple to find and by declination have access to all the accounts of the same person.

To achieve an optimal level of security, it will be interesting to create a sentence that will not make sense for an outsider but which has a personal meaning. In this way, it will be difficult to hack a set that has no precise logic even using various hacking strategies. In this phase, alternating tiny and capital letters, digital characters and special characters will be the perfect formula to create a real security barrier.

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