All About the Password

All About the Password

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As soon as you start using the internet, you will be asked to use passwords. They are everywhere at the level of your inbox, your social network accounts to buy online, which is why it is important to know these little words that will allow you to protect your data on the web.

Brief history

The origin of the password comes from the army. Indeed, it has always been agreed to establish a code to define whether the person is a friend or an enemy. Thus, a specific question must be given a precise answer.

Nowadays, passwords are used everywhere and especially on the internet to protect data about you or confidential.

You can find out all the government's password tips here.

Password folder

Our goal through this file is to teach you more about the password and above all to learn the right reflexes and how to react as needed.

Creating a password

Before you learn more, you need to start by creating a good password. You can find out in our article about creating passwords, everything you need to know to create good passwords.

Manage your passwords

If only we needed one password everything would be simpler. Unfortunately this is not the case and we have put together everything in this article to keep his passwords well. We discuss, among other things, techniques and software to retain them or how to protect them.

Forgotten password

We are all human and if unfortunately you have forgotten your password you will quickly be blocked because you will no longer be able to access your accounts. This folder will teach you how to react well and give you simple tips to find them.

Password hacking

On the internet, not everyone has good intentions and many try to recover your passwords in different ways. Discover you in our article about password hacking, cracking techniques in order to protect you from them.

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