The best encryption software in 2019

The best encryption software in 2019

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Are you ready to show all your letters, photos, and documents to your husband/wife, brother or children? There may be nothing wrong with backing up, but you may not want to share them. Are you ready to share your credit card number and PIN with your teens? Give your GMail or Facebook password to your sister? Show all your family photos to friends who would borrow your computer for a quarter of an hour?

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A document saved on a desktop computer or mobile phone left in a living room could quickly become an object of curiosity for those around you. Or anyone around.

For a long time, encryption was only accessible to governments, but it can now be used by any user. Even if you've never thought of it before, you still have secrets that are worth encrypting.

Today some software allows you to easily encrypt your data without really being expert. We have selected four (4) of you. These four software are unanimous about their encryption efficiency.


xCryptor is free software under GNU General Public License that allows you to use strong encryption methods with Microsoft Windows. It is a complete encryption software, developed in Sweden by Svante Seleborg for AxCrypt AB. Its cryptographic primitives are AES and SHA-1.

AxCrypt encrypts a file, using either a file containing a key or a password. In addition, AxCrypt also allows you to secure your files on the cloud such as DropBox or Google Drive[4]. AxCrypt uses a high level of data encryption (AES-128 and AES-256).

It's a pretty simple software to use. Simply click right on a file or folder and choose the encryption function. You are asked to enter a password to decipher the file later.
Simply be logged in by inserting your password to encrypt files or folders. This one opens again if you're still connected. When you're offline, you'll see a password if you want to open the file.

This software is free to download on the internet on the official website or on various download sites.

Tha is a reliable software that also proves itself. Diskcryptor allows you to encrypt a hard drive or other storage medium (SD card, USB stick, external drive) very easily. Open source software is a lightweight but powerful utility. It scans your machine to see all the discs that are connected to it. Once the discs are listed, all you have to do is choose the one you want to encrypt. To start encryption, you'll click the "Encrypt" button, a new window will open. It is from the latter that you will be able to choose the encryption mode as well as your password. Be careful, if the encryption configuration is fast, the process is very long and can take several hours.

In practice, it must be said that this software is practical. Indeed, it gives the user the ability to create keyboard shortcuts. Better yet, the command line can be used to automate operations. Plus, it's free.



VeraCrypt is a free-licensed utility software used for on-the-fly encryption (OTFE). It is developed by the French company IDRIX [2]and allows you to create an encrypted virtual disk in a file or partition. The entire storage device requires authentication before mounting the virtual disk.

The software is integrated into the list of free software recommended by the French state as part of the overall modernization of its information systems.

VeraCrypt encrypts and decrypts your data. Based on the same interface as TrueCrypt, a project that was abandoned in 2014, VeraCrypt offers the ability to encrypt hard drives or USB sticks entirely, create encrypted partitions or protected "containers". VeraCrypt offers several encryption algorithms such as AES, Snake, Twofish as well as RIPEMD-160, SHA-256 and SHA-512 as hash algorithms (Hash).

VeraCrypt allows you to directly edit and convert volumes created under TrueCrypt.

Dekart Private Disk
Dekart Private Disk is a powerful software. It can create encrypted disk partitions to protect sensitive and confidential files such as bank account numbers, passwords or others. It is able to hide this data and enforce protection restrictions.

Firewall: to protect the user from malware and viruses.

Dekart Private Disk has a firewall mechanism. Thus, it can work at the same time with the user's current antivirus for better security enhancer.

Creating lists: What's interesting about a tool like Dekart Private Disk is that it's multitasking. In this regard, it can draw up a white list where the user adds the applications that are allowed to access the content of the protected disk.

This software is free to download.

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