Bitcoin: one of the world's largest portfolios robbed

Bitcoin: one of the world's largest portfolios robbed

November 9, 2020 Off By admin

We are talking about the fourth largest bitcoin portfolio in the world.

It had nearly $975 million in bitcoin, or 69,369 BTC. The portfolio had been inactive since 2015, it should be noted. But a recent discovery that surprises everyone, it is totally empty today. The worst part of all this is that the identity of the person who is originally on hat-trick is unknown.

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The news has panicked many, in the bitcoin community. Moreover, it should be noted, that the origin of this virtual background still has a mystery. No one knows where these bitcoins really come from and its disappearance is so much more so.

The person or group of people behind this remains completely unknown. Chances are we'll never know who initiated such an operation. It is safe to say that a lot of hackers will be troubled by this situation, because this portfolio it should be noted was in the sights of many of them.

The question today is where such an astronomical sum may have disappeared. The incident took place 24 hours after the discovery of the virtual platform on the Internet. The news has gone around the web, and even today many people are still intrigued by this situation. Among these people is the first head of the computer security company, UnderTheBreach, known as Alon Gal. The information was even relayed by the co-founder of the company called Elliptic, a company specializing in Blockchains analytics, Mr. Tom Robinson. According to the latter, it would seem that the beats when they did that was on this virtual wallet came from the dark web's black market, the Silk Road. The obvious answer regarding the identities of the person who emptied the wallet would be that the owner of this account tonight the person so sought after. But the hypothesis of an operation initiated by hackers is not excluded. It is simply note that investigations are ongoing.

It would be totally an achievement if the operation was the work of a hacker because, it must be admitted that it was not at all easy. For example, the security of such a portfolio is not that simple.

But some rely much more on the account owner's hypothesis. And that seems logical, apparently. They were aware of all this information that was circulating on his account, all over the web and even on the Dark web, he would certainly be very afraid, and to transfer these precious bitcoins to another account, as a security measure.

But pending the results of the investigation initiated, one can only assume on the facts. In this regard, several theories continue to swirl about this mysterious transaction. One hypothesis is that the person who initiated the transaction will be a relative of the hacker behind silk road, known as Ross Ulbricht. For now we will have to wait for the authorities to officially return this story.

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