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Bitcoin is often talked about, especially with its acts of hacking of which it is victimized every time.

Being a bitcoin millionaire and not being able to access it

Recently we are witnessing a rather funny situation to the desolate.

That of people who have lost their words allowing them to access their bitcoins. Being rich and not being able to take advantage of your money is the problem of many people down to earth.

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The information was relayed by the New York Times. These people can no longer access bitcoin at this time. Because they simply forgot the password. The simple number that prevents them from being able to access their potential fortune. These people are among those people who have believed in bitcoin from the beginning and have invested their money in it. Having not sold the contents of their wallets all this time, this has taken on a lot of value. The only problem is the password he had chosen from the beginning. They don't remember it.

At its core, bitcoin was created with the aim of liberalizing the currency sector. A way to decentralize circulation and production and so that the regularization of the currency. In other words, each bitcoin belongs exclusively to its holder. There is no business that acts as an intermediary or curator. Passwords are generated and stored by bitcoin holders. Unfortunately, this organization also harms some people. They have forgotten the only key that allows them to access their fortunes.

Among the victims of this situation, Stefan Thomas's was highlighted. He is a computer scientist, precisely a developer who lives in San Francisco. The latter is one of those holders who owns a lot of bitcoin on a key, since the creation of this financial technology. Unfortunately, the support of its bitcoins cannot be unlocked. Unfortunately, for the latter, he can't find the piece of paper on which he copied the code for years. Yet it has only 10 attempts, otherwise the key will have the immediate reaction to encrypt its contents permanently. It has less than 7,002 bitcoins, which equates to $220 million.

It must be noted that this kind of situation is much more common than we think. According to some estimates, nearly 20% of the world's bitcoin is inaccessible. With the volatile nature of this currency, some at first had not given it enough profits to remember passwords. Yet by the end of 2020, the first cryptographic currency of its kind was reaching fairly unspoken records. However, this increase was immediately followed by a fairly significant decline in its value of almost 18%. This plunged the currency after $31,225.85, up from $40,000 at the end of 2020.

The American media the New York Times confirmed the fact that much of this cryptographic currency unfortunately remains out of reach of the virtual financial sphere. They are one of those wallets that are stuck where to see lost. That was estimated at $140 billion. Because of the drop in bitcoin in January, owners have mobilized to find a way to unlock their wallets. Even if you rely on cryptography experts to try to find a way to overcome these protective measures that have been chosen by themselves based. While hoping that by the time he finds a solution, the value of the currency has not completely collapsed.

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Bitcoin: one of the world's largest portfolios robbed

We are talking about the fourth largest bitcoin portfolio in the world.

It had nearly $975 million in bitcoin, or 69,369 BTC. The portfolio had been inactive since 2015, it should be noted. But a recent discovery that surprises everyone, it is totally empty today. The worst part of all this is that the identity of the person who is originally on hat-trick is unknown.

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The news has panicked many, in the bitcoin community. Moreover, it should be noted, that the origin of this virtual background still has a mystery. No one knows where these bitcoins really come from and its disappearance is so much more so.

The person or group of people behind this remains completely unknown. Chances are we'll never know who initiated such an operation. It is safe to say that a lot of hackers will be troubled by this situation, because this portfolio it should be noted was in the sights of many of them.

The question today is where such an astronomical sum may have disappeared. The incident took place 24 hours after the discovery of the virtual platform on the Internet. The news has gone around the web, and even today many people are still intrigued by this situation. Among these people is the first head of the computer security company, UnderTheBreach, known as Alon Gal. The information was even relayed by the co-founder of the company called Elliptic, a company specializing in Blockchains analytics, Mr. Tom Robinson. According to the latter, it would seem that the beats when they did that was on this virtual wallet came from the dark web's black market, the Silk Road. The obvious answer regarding the identities of the person who emptied the wallet would be that the owner of this account tonight the person so sought after. But the hypothesis of an operation initiated by hackers is not excluded. It is simply note that investigations are ongoing.

It would be totally an achievement if the operation was the work of a hacker because, it must be admitted that it was not at all easy. For example, the security of such a portfolio is not that simple.

But some rely much more on the account owner's hypothesis. And that seems logical, apparently. They were aware of all this information that was circulating on his account, all over the web and even on the Dark web, he would certainly be very afraid, and to transfer these precious bitcoins to another account, as a security measure.

But pending the results of the investigation initiated, one can only assume on the facts. In this regard, several theories continue to swirl about this mysterious transaction. One hypothesis is that the person who initiated the transaction will be a relative of the hacker behind silk road, known as Ross Ulbricht. For now we will have to wait for the authorities to officially return this story.

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LinkedIn is used by hackers to steal bitcoins

For some time cyber criminals have decided to target LinkedIn, the business dating platform run by US giant Microsoft.

It is necessary to do mainly to steal cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin.

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It is in this kind of context that we realize that hackers are smart enough to take advantage of the lives of users of certain digital services to extract money. The process is simply to trick it into having access to their computers or smartphones.

The use of the LinkedIn platform by hackers in this context was discovered by computer security researchers at the specialist company F-Secure. They alerted users of Microsoft's platform to a series of fake job ads.

In fact, there are fake job ads that concern in particular the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This in the context where it will be easy for them to target potential victims who own some cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin BTC, which hackers will eventually be able to target is stealing.

The fake ads detected by F-Secure's specialists often involve system administrator recruitments, for companies that are allegedly linked in some way to Blockchain technology. This kind of ad has been repeatedly intercepted by LinkedIn users and the researchers themselves.

In a particular case submitted to the cybersecurity company researchers, it is a word document, for the victim you will have to open it to learn about the job will be offered to him. A document that actually hides phishing links. In this way hackers a site easily target them activate macros that hide malware. To convince their target to activate macros, the Word document is accompanied by a message that it will be protected by the requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. And in order for those to no longer be able to access the contents of the document safely, they will then have to activate the macros. Which is a ruse.

According to f Secure specialists that the macro of the Word document eventually produces a file. LNK, in the main feature is run another file called mshta.exe and call a link connected to a VB Script.

In practical terms, it must be said that cybercriminals are cunning enough to target their victims effectively enough. Especially when you have to access their devices, either through computers or smartphones, to steal access codes from login credentials or a password linked to crypto accounts that may contain bitcoins or other alternative cryptographic currencies.

As for those responsible for the Cyberattack, the Lazarus group, which is generally linked to the government of North Korea, has been put on the spot. This group is known to act under the leadership of the North Korean government with the aim of generating enough revenue abroad to feed the totalitarian regime put in place by the proponents of power and in the light of international sanctions imposed by the United States for several years.

Therefore on the side of LinkedIn users.Vigilance is the order of the day. It is therefore recommended that they pay attention to the documents they download and the message they receive by email.

On the social network side, administrators say they are doing everything they can to make their users safer. Paul Rockwell, the head of trust and security of the social network, said: "We actively seek any evidence of state-sponsored activity on the platform and take swift action against the perpetrators of these acts of malice in order to protect our members. We are not waiting for requests to act.

Our investigative team removes fake profiles using the data we discover and information from a variety of sources, including government agencies.

Our teams use a wide range of automated technologies. They also have the support of an experienced team and rely on member reports to protect our members from threats of all stripes.

We apply our policies that are extremely clear: creating a false profile or fraudulent activities with the intention of deceiving or lying to our members is a violation of our terms and conditions of use. ».

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Bisq critically vulnerable

"24 hours ago, we discovered that an attacker was able to exploit a breach of the Bisq business protocol, targeting individual transactions. The only market affected was the XMR/BTC market. Bisq's exchange platform noted.

The Exchange platform Bisq has made it known to these users that they will stop its online trading services for some time. The reason for this decision is the discovery of a major security flaw on its decentralized DEX system. The cryptocurrency exchange platform reported that the security breach had allowed hackers to steal cryptocurrency including 4000 Monero (XMR) and 3 bitcoins (BTC).

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To avoid this kind of inconvenience not repeated and on a large scale in the future, it decided to take concrete measures, time to produce security fixes, to avoid any form of disastrous consequences.

It was at the beginning of the week that Bisq decided to inform users. DEX, its vulnerability-affected platform, is still active for the user community, unfortunately. The problem with DEX is that Bisq cannot compel its users to comply with its instructions and the required measures. Because it's a peer-to-peer platform. For this reason, everything will unfortunately depend on the users and their sense of responsibility: "To avoid confusion: yes, Bisq is a distributed peer-to-peer network. So you can replace the latest alert key feature that blocks exchanges. But we strongly advise edgy of doing so for your own safety. The platform explained on its Twitter account.

Regarding the security of funds, there is no fear to have because, as knows for the types of platform such as DEX, each user has his own funds safe on him, in his possession. For this reason, the decentralized exchange platform reassures: "Until the release of v1.3.0, existing transactions cannot be completed. Please hold firm. Of course, because of Bisq's security model, your funds are not in danger. ». Clearly, the only chance for users' funds to be put at risk is for users to knowingly decide to bypass the platform's warnings and continue trading despite the warning.

There is an argument against Bisq regarding this problem. It should be noted that the same security breach had already been reported since last fall, and that even at times, services had been stopped for the same issue. In addition, hackers were able to exploit the security breach by using the backup digital address to retrieve cryptographic currency keys in the event of a transaction failure. By changing the address, they initiated transactions while causing them to fail. What if the tokens went back into their wallets?

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2021 to mark the opening of the first bank dedicated to cryptocurrency in the United States

Based on a series of posts on several social networks, including Twitter, Caitling Long, former CEO of wall street, announced with great fanfare that work is underway to ensure the opening in 2021 of a crypto friendly bank, whose activities will be guided mainly to services whose foundation would be digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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Ambition creators of this future financial institution, would be to ensure cohabitation and further a position between financial methods classics and those that are now digital. Its headquarters will be located Wyoming, and will be named Avanti Bank. To the question of whether why the state of Wyoming it would be due in particular a set of laws that have built in this part of the United States in support of the blockchain. And what which is certain, this bank will clearly be the first institution digital asset management. It is to be expected that a set of services related to the storage and monetization of cryptocurrencies in respecting certain safety standards.

The term used for the name of the bank seems quite dichotomous with the situation. Indeed Avanti means in Ancient Italian, for an institution that is expected to invest in methods of the future. The security protocol will be similar to some that are required in the financial sector or in any other use of conventional cryptocurrency such as KYC and AML. As an institution financial institutions complying with banking standards, it will be supervised by the laws relating to special purpose deposit institutions therefore under the tutelage of the Wyoming banking divisions.

by 2021, the first actions in favour of controlled and controlled use controlled, especially digital assets will be carried out. A dream that gradually becomes a reality. "There is a critical element of the infrastructure U.S. market – a regulated bank that can serve as a bridge for the Fed for payments – crypto-preservation for large funds institutions that need it before entering the crypto in a significant way the former Wall Street executive said.

besides we are not going to deny that this project is very bold. Indeed, the safety of digital assets has always been seen as something fairly complex. The authorities have so far avoided being interested in it because of the potential risk, which is very high whether it covers to manage or order that kind of thing.And all of this explains the fact that the United States has lagged behind in the development of the permanent use of digital assets, that's what around noon Long. "For various regulatory reasons, banks and financial companies U.S. companies cannot provide optimal services for cryptocurrencies. Avanti plans to break this blockage and thus help prevent the United States to fall behind other countries, including the U.S. already serve institutions in this market. ».

A partnership is planned with Blockstream, a company specializing in the supply of bitcoin software, everything related to the preservation of these kinds of assets: "Blockstream brings software for the bitcoin protocol. … Avanti brings a regulated delivery vehicle to deliver to U.S. markets. ».

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