60% of cryptographic currency thefts worldwide are the work of two groups of hackers

60% of cryptographic currency thefts worldwide are the work of two groups of hackers

September 26, 2019 Off By admin

Chainalysis, an analytics firm specializing in the field of blockchain, in one of its reports, published last week, claims that two groups of hackers managed to steal about $1 billion in crypto currency.

He would then be responsible for 60% of all computer attacks that were directed against cryptographic currency exchanges. "On average, we estimate that the two most active major hacking groups stole $90 million per hack," Chainalysis' report said.

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the a series of analyses told us that he had these two groups of pirates for several years. one is known on the name Alpha code the second him beta code. The Alpha Group is defined as a group of its own and of significant power. They say that it "is a tightly controlled giant organization, whose objectives are at least partly for non-monetary purposes" while beta on its is rather a "less organized and smaller organization, essentially motivated by money."

expert in the art of online concealment, when they manage to get their hands on on funds, they are very easily able to hide its origin by travelling across multiple accounts through very complex networks. It is said that accounts are generally moved at least Five, 000 times. He then gives himself a waiting period amounts to more than 40 days. Then they just cash in the money fiduciary currency. "Once they feel safe, they act quickly (…) At least 50% of the pirated funds are collected by a conversion service within 112 days, and 75% of the pirated funds were 168 days."

the Alpha Group is considered to be the faster when you have to cash in the funds, once the hacking is successful.

the Chainalysis details all the elements in its report, which is available on the website. It should also be noted that Chainalysis is a structure that has been famous for its investigations into the blockchain already in 2017, its experts have succeeded in collaboration with Google to determine the payments made in Bitcoins for cases of hacking into ransoming. In this survey, these two found that more than 95% of the payments ransomware was done by bitcoin and this converter subsequently as a fiduciary currency an online platform called BTC-e. This made it possible to stop the owner of this platform named Alexander McQueen Vinnick, known under the pseudonym "Mr. Bitcoin. ».

Officials from these two groups have not yet been identified. The origin of the hackers who make up these hacker gangs is not even known. All we can remember is that they are gifted.

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