Security cameras: protecting yourself effectively from cyber attacks?

Security cameras: protecting yourself effectively from cyber attacks?

July 8, 2020 Off By admin

Today, cameras are much more used for different types of use.

But as we know, the field of security has made a very special general use of it but also very important in the organization of this sector of activity.

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The use of security cameras has become widespread in recent years. What was the prerogative of security agencies and public administrations has become something that even the average citizen uses. Speaking of monitoring homes during vacation periods, monitoring children, or even controlling an owner over certain areas of his private domain. There is something for all uses for all prices and for possible people.

However, the problems remain. These cameras are internet connected objects. This makes it easier to use it remotely with modern and easy-to-use tools such as smartphones or tablets. The problem with this connection is that it doesn't just make it easier to use. It also exposes the user to computer attacks. And this is the case for all connected objects.

However, the use of security cameras highlights a very important aspect of life. Privacy. Because people will not hesitate to take every opportunity to spy on users, no matter why they are motivated. So to preserve your privacy and prevent intruders from gaining access to your camera's contents, you'll need to follow certain security rules.

1- The choice of camera brand.

To begin with you will need to be very careful about the camera brand you buy. Why? simply because some brands do not have a very good reputation for the safety of their hardware. That's why you'll need to find out which models are not publicly recognized as vulnerable. Because, as a previous study reveals, about 3 million security cameras installed in offices and homes specifically in Asia and Europe are affected by security vulnerabilities that expose their owners greatly to make them easily accessible to hackers. They can then steal a lot of personal information that they can use in potential computer attacks initiated later. The British Consumer Rights Organization, Which?, Recently warned about this problem. "Brands with potentially vulnerable cameras are Alptop, Besdersec, COOAU, CPVAN, Ctronics, Dericam, Jennov, LEFTEK, Luowice, QZT and Tenvis," the organization Which said. She added, separately, that all cameras that use the wireless network, and that are paired with the CamHi application and "have a certain type of unique identification number (UID)" are potentially vulnerable to a computer attack.

2- The configuration of the security camera.

Like most connected tools, cameras typically come with default passwords. Passwords that are defined by the manufacturer that are easily recognizable as the famous 00000 or admin. It is clear that the user needs to make a better configuration of these kinds of identification elements. Cyber criminals know very well that this kind of aspect is often overlooked by them, so they never hesitate to try on this point. Yet if they manage to gain access to your security camera thanks in particular to a default password, the consequences to be terrible for you for your privacy to the same professional.

When you decide to change the password, make sure you use combinations that are quite difficult to guess. Combinations that can explain both numbers and letters and capital letters. Clearly avoid birthdays, dog names etc. Also, make sure your camera always has the latest security updates. If possible, don't hesitate to activate the feature that allows you to install it automatically. Not only will security be improved, but you may have new features after an update. When using your cameras, turn off all the features you don't need at the moment. This reduces the risk of hacking.

In addition, the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms, with regard to the use of cameras, requires certain measures. For example, an owner is prohibited from using his camera to film the surroundings of his home. The authorized perimeter is the one limited to its property. Beyond these restrictions, the user will be able to see his liability incurred. There is, however, an exception in the matter. It is possible to use the cameras outside the perimeter of the property as long as the persons who might be affected by this surveillance are informed of the existence of these surveillance cameras. This can be done by posting a warning message, contract or official information. In addition, "when you use a surveillance company, for example for raising doubts in your absence or for recording the images from your cameras, take the time to read the contract proposed to you and check the commitments made by the company, including on the shelf life of the images and its security obligations. ».

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