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Twitter is the second most well-known and most used social network. It's hacked all the time. Hackers use complex tricks to hack this social network.

A hacker as Twitter's security chief

In July 2020, the famous social network Twitter was hit by computer hacking that shook in some way the news of the moment.

This hacking has particularly impacted the accounts belonging to some celebrities and not least. These included Joe Biden, the new US president, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Space X, and former US President Barack Obama to name a few. The culprit of this crime and is a 17-year-old hacker. In addition, a beginner hacker. Its goal was to extort money from other users of the social network by requesting payment of a sum of money in the form of bitcoin for a donation supposed to finance the fight against coronavirus.

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After this umpteenth computer incident. The social network of the blue bird has decided to take the necessary measures to no longer fall victim to this kind of problem because it should be noted, this is not the first time that twitter is attacked. In this context, Twitter officials decide to hire Peiter Zatko, known as "Mudge," as head of its IT security.

Note that Peiter Zatko Alias Mudge and famous in the field of hacking. He was a member of the famous hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow. A group that is known for publishing several tools intended to hack into Microsoft's operating system, Windows. The aim is to force the American company to improve the safety of these products. Mudge was Managing Director and Chief Research Fellow of L0pht Heavy Industries. He is also said to have been a consultant and trainer for the US National Security Agency, the NSA and the American Air Force, the US Air Force. And that's not all, he would also have worked for Google and DARPA and the company specializing in payment Stripe. In short, a well-stocked CV. We then better understand the choice of the social network.

A hacker to fight hackers. Moreover, his sole responsibility is the direct CEO of Twitter.

He's been in office since last week, and his work has already begun. Indeed, it will have to review the entire computer and social network security system. To determine potential fault and apply changes that it thinks are necessary.

The stakes are high especially, for a platform that has nearly 100 million active users including celebrities especially the outgoing president, American Donald Trump.

Asked about his future role in society, and what the stakes are involved, Peiter Zatko said: "They are willing to take risks.

With the challenges of algorithms and algorithmic biases, they are not ready to wait for someone else to solve the problem. ».

In addition, it should be noted that Twitter is not the first company to partner with a hacker to protect its computer system. It is recalled that Kraken's boss, Jesse Powell had announced joined in with a hacker had announced to develop an encryption program that has never been hacked since its launch.

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What to remember from Twitter's computer attack

Two weeks ago, the social network Twitter was the victim of a computer attack.

A cyberattack that allowed cybercriminals to take control of several accounts belonging to public and political figures such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and even Joe Biden. While some information about this incident has not yet been published, several lessons can be learned.

The weak link of computer security and human beings

The takeover lasted exactly a few hours. Precisely on July 15. Twitter accounts apartment to important personalities have been used to extract money from Internet users. The idea was to push them in order to donate in the form of bitcoin under a false pretext. They still managed to get a loan of $150,000 in cryptographic currency.

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However, an investigation showed that it was a group of cyber criminals, especially young people, who were behind the cyberattack and not a state, as might have been assumed or even a well-organized criminal group. Referring to Twitter's findings, cybercriminals failed to do so through security vulnerabilities. They simply "manipulated a small number of employee[de Twitter]s and used their information to gain access to internal systems," as the statement posted on the social network's website read.

This form of a loved one is called in the field of social engineering. The choice of cyber criminals to do so did not really surprise him is a specialist in cybersecurity. "One of the easiest ways to get into an organization is to hack people, not systems," said Darktrace, national director of the Canadian company, which specializes in providing IT security services. It is humans who are the weak link in the chain." As a former agent of the British MI5 and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), his approach is based on years of experience.

This technique, developed a lot during the containment because of the Covid-19. It is not uncommon for it to be associated with the phishing technique, which will allow cybercriminals to collect information, by pushing targets to fill out forms often by email. So that you can have access to certain interfaces. In this way, it is thought that the adoption of telework has had a strong impact on the implementation of the cyber attack known by the social network. "Twitter employs many security measures, but they are mostly at the company's head office, not in all of their employees' homes," says David Masson, Darktrace's director. When 500 people are in the office, there is only one site to protect. When they're at home, there are 500," he continues.

As the director of the Canadian cybersecurity firm has indicated, it would have been easy to protect themselves from this problem if the employees had been properly trained. In addition, he should have learned, to detect abnormal movements, during their usual services.

It is therefore recommended that all teleworkers, especially those who have access to the company's network from home, be more and more vigilant. Learn not to consider emails that offer them to click on links for any unredified movement on the part of the company. Good safe practices in getting the place. That is, the complex password formulation thus preventing brute force attacks. In addition, the activation of dual-factor authentication.

On the business side, it is recommended that employee privileges be restricted to the maximum. This is because the cybercriminals that caused the problem experienced by Twitter had used tools that were accessible by many employees. This tool allowed social network employees to change emails that are typically associated with user control, and in some cases, disable dual-factor account authentication. It is exactly with these tools that cybercriminals have proceeded. "If that's the case, I hope companies around the world will learn from this case: attackers can only take advantage of these tools if your employees have the access to make these changes. Limit the privileges of their accounts now," recommends Rachel Tobac, the IT security consultant, on Twitter.

Twitter's example is one of many. Indeed, many technology companies have already experienced this kind of problem, because of certain tools available to their employees. Let's remember in 2017, it had been temporarily deleted from Donald Trump's account. Whether it's Uber, Facebook or even Snapchat, this problem has also been discovered.

The most surprising thing about all this is that the social network attack is simply about starting a scam. Knowing that this could have led to a much greater consequence. "If you had the power to control Twitter for a few hours, would you do it for only $150,000 in bitcoins? David Masson wondered. The latter to consider much greater possibilities such as publications that can affect the stock market price, especially when we know that large companies such as Apple had also been a victim of this Hacking of Twitter account. But according to twitter the cyber criminals could have accessed private messages belonging to 36 users victims of the incident. In this case it is believed that the information they could have gathered could be used to initiate blackmail companions. "I feel like there's more to this attack than we've seen so far," Masson said.

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Twitter hacked, several apartment accounts to high-ranking figures affected

This was billed as"The biggest hack in Twitter's history."

Since the day before yesterday, that is, last Wednesday, the news concerning the hacking of the social network has made the front page of several media. Twitter has indeed been targeted by a cyberattack, mainly directing to accounts with very high visibility like that of Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Uber, Elon Musk at the same as Apple. Accounts targeted by the cyberattack began making posts aimed at pushing users to donate in the form of bitcoin to a BTC address, promising to grow their donation in return. Of course the scam was clearly visible.

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However, it has been observed that transactions made for the benefit of cybercriminals have been shown to be close to 100,000 euros, despite this in a way that has managed to trick some Internet users. These kinds of computer attacks can be the basis in the composition of the password. The less robust it is, the more likely the hacker is to be able to access the platform.

But according to the latest information from an internal source, the hacking was not initiated under any security flaw base. Apparently the cyber criminals, would have succeeded by using tools inside the social network. The procedure for taking control of the hacked accounts is explained by the specialized website Motherboard. According to the online media outlet, the hackers bribed a Twitter employee. This allowed them to use an internal Twitter administration tool. This assumption was confirmed by the social network in a recent tweet: "We detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who have successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools," read one message.

The case of Twitter highlights a form of cyber malice that is neglected yet effective. This is social engineering, which involves manipulating an employee of the target company for the purpose of gaining access. And that's exactly what happened through employee corruption.

Here, as in most cyberattacks, the security flaw is human. As a result, cyber criminals were able to access one of the internal tools and simply changed the email addresses associated with the accounts they targeted. This had the advantage of not only giving them control of the hacked accounts, but also of preventing the real owners of those accounts from being able to access them. Can then not recover them without the help of the social network.

On the social network's side, he claimed to have reacted immediately by sometimes limiting the ability of cyber criminals to tweet with hacked accounts. Then came the password reset phase as well as several other features so as to completely exclude the control of cyber criminals. While some restrictions on these accounts have since been lifted, the internal investigation is still ongoing, according to Twitter.

On the other hand, this kind of computer hacking is in no way new. It is more common to observe this kind of cyber-malicious actions since the beginning of the year several personalities such as Elon Musk are commonly targeted by hackers. If it doesn't always work, more often than not, these attempts are ignored. This time, the attack hit several accounts. Endangering security is the image of Twitter. We are waiting for the response of the social network as well as the results of the investigations already underway.

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Twitter focuses on information for tweets that address coronavirus and 5G terms

The social network Twitter has decided in its own way to fight against fake news and to bring even more information on the most discussed topics of the moment.

The goal of its leaders is to enable users of the social network to "Know the facts about COVID-19." As a result, the social network will set up a somewhat new system that will accompany each tweet with additional information, on the themes of Covid-19 and 5G. Additional information of an official and verified nature.

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The altitude of the social network corresponds to a need to be able to best stem the scourge of the advance of fake news, especially gravitating around the terms that are most highlighted in recent times. If it becomes almost possible to eliminate false or sometimes erroneous information, hate messages, still the conspiracy theories that most often cause disorder on the social network and everywhere else, the solution might be to publish even more official information to counter them. Thus, the new system adopted by the social network with the blue bird, will be to accompany each tweet talking about coronavirus or the deployment of 5G official declaration, publication for from safe source or interviews of the main actors concerned with the themes. However it would seem that it will not be deployed accordingly, more sophisticated algorithms. Apparently the system will be based primarily on the classic keyword filterings "Covid-19," "coronavirus," "corona," "5G," just below your banner, you'll see the message: "Know the facts about COVID-19." By clicking on this message, information that has been selected by the social network will be made available to you, from several reliable sources such as scientific publications or official statements, press releases and interviews.

This method will be applied to virtually all tweets according to the head of the social network, even legitimate tweets from official institutions. A method that was considered to be a little too radical. Because none will escape this verification system. The media will then be able to walk on their feet. It doesn't matter what the status of the organ is. This is not likely to satisfy him because it will be easy to assimilate or affiliate them to a disinformation campaign. To reassure them, the social network said it was doing everything it could to improve its system through upgrading algorithms. This means that over time, it will be possible to distinguish tweets from news organizations from standard publications made by ordinary subscribers. An improvement that will allow more precise filtering of tweets of a conspiracy nature. This is twitter's ultimate goal."Labelling or posting a warning on tweets remains an iterative process. Given the worldwide spread of misinformation and disputed allegations around 5G and COVID-19, we have prioritized the labelling of tweets with this information. Our team is currently reviewing other types of content and will soon be labeling more tweets," the social network said.

It should also be noted that the efforts of social networks to control posts on different platforms are becoming more and more popular. Unlike Twitter, which plans to bring more information about Tweets, YouTube and Facebook, on the other hand, want to limit the spread of false, misleading or hate-inciting information, by preventing certain posts, masking or deleting them. And this, even at the highest level of the political hierarchy. At the risk of confronting the enmity of some politicians, such as the tussle between Twitter and US President Donald Trump in recent times who protested: "They have the uncontrolled power to censor, edit, conceal or modify any form of communication between individuals and large public audiences. There is no precedent in American history for such a small number of societies to control such a large sphere of human interaction."

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French journalist's Twitter account hacked

Paris Match journalist Bruno Jeudy, the editor-in-chief of the economics policy section, was hacked into his Twitter account.

The hackers who were responsible for this attack are called the "Turkish cyber-army Ayyildiz Tim". In favor of the computer attack, the journalist's biography and cover photo were replaced by other visual elements specific to hackers.

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Throughout the day several messages were posted via his Twitter account during messages of support for Turkish foreign policy, including one aimed at the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Kurdish militia group YPG. "I support the operations of the Turkish Peace Fountain (which, Ndlr) were carried out against the YPG/PKK terrorists who have been admitted around the world. I also condemn the attacks on the Turks in France. We love you Turkey," read the hacked account of the journalist. In another video message the hackers notified the accuracy of the hacking as well as their identity "Your account was hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyildiz Tim. Your DM correspondence and important data have been received! »,

This is not an isolated case. Indeed, the same hacker group had already targeted the French journalist who is followed on Twitter by about 400,000 followers. And only a year ago. The journalist for his part claims to have realized that two days after the hacking was carried out. He had certainly observed some malfunctions, but it was only after they came into action that he had confirmation that he had been truly hacked. His reaction was immediate at the time as he did not hesitate to contact Twitter France.

Unfortunately, having had no response from them, the hackers managed to give themselves to heart by publishing several types of message via his account. He even received reports that his Twitter account was sending private messages with links to various political figures, including Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. It was then that he decided to inform the Ministry of the Interior directly of the piracy that was committed to resolve this hacking as soon as possible.

What we know, the first messages that posted to his account could have been deleted. However, it has not yet been able to resume control of the account.

Alongside the Journalism Twitter account, François Fillon's Twitter account was also at almost the same time but briefly. It seems that this was due to the same hackers. Fillon's Twitter account also said: "I support the Turkish-led Peace Fountain operations (which were carried out against the YPG/PKK terrorists who have been admitted around the world. I also condemn the attacks on the Turks in France." We must not forget that the former Prime Minister is followed by about 600,000 people on social media.

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