French journalist's Twitter account hacked

French journalist's Twitter account hacked

January 28, 2020 Off By admin

Paris Match journalist Bruno Jeudy, the editor-in-chief of the economics policy section, was hacked into his Twitter account.

The hackers who were responsible for this attack are called the "Turkish cyber-army Ayyildiz Tim". In favor of the computer attack, the journalist's biography and cover photo were replaced by other visual elements specific to hackers.

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Throughout the day several messages were posted via his Twitter account during messages of support for Turkish foreign policy, including one aimed at the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Kurdish militia group YPG. "I support the operations of the Turkish Peace Fountain (which, Ndlr) were carried out against the YPG/PKK terrorists who have been admitted around the world. I also condemn the attacks on the Turks in France. We love you Turkey," read the hacked account of the journalist. In another video message the hackers notified the accuracy of the hacking as well as their identity "Your account was hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyildiz Tim. Your DM correspondence and important data have been received! »,

This is not an isolated case. Indeed, the same hacker group had already targeted the French journalist who is followed on Twitter by about 400,000 followers. And only a year ago. The journalist for his part claims to have realized that two days after the hacking was carried out. He had certainly observed some malfunctions, but it was only after they came into action that he had confirmation that he had been truly hacked. His reaction was immediate at the time as he did not hesitate to contact Twitter France.

Unfortunately, having had no response from them, the hackers managed to give themselves to heart by publishing several types of message via his account. He even received reports that his Twitter account was sending private messages with links to various political figures, including Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. It was then that he decided to inform the Ministry of the Interior directly of the piracy that was committed to resolve this hacking as soon as possible.

What we know, the first messages that posted to his account could have been deleted. However, it has not yet been able to resume control of the account.

Alongside the Journalism Twitter account, François Fillon's Twitter account was also at almost the same time but briefly. It seems that this was due to the same hackers. Fillon's Twitter account also said: "I support the Turkish-led Peace Fountain operations (which were carried out against the YPG/PKK terrorists who have been admitted around the world. I also condemn the attacks on the Turks in France." We must not forget that the former Prime Minister is followed by about 600,000 people on social media.

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