Cyber-malfeasators and "Shameful Data Leaks": a case of blackmailers

Cyber-malfeasators and "Shameful Data Leaks": a case of blackmailers

December 31, 2019 Off By admin

As Sébastien Gest, a journalist in a blog post, said, "There have never been more leaks of personal data on the internet than in the last 24 months

As an expert in email security, we editors are the receptacle of this data stream that we then find in phishing or spear-phishing campaigns. ». In other words in the year 2019 was very rich in data leaks as they say in English.

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However, these data leaks do not affect victims in the same way. If on the other meaning, it is aimed at a character of claims of sabotage or even policy, in this case the objective is particular, undudable or even detestable. Indeed, what is becoming more and more common nowadays, are data leaks that can be used for blackmail purposes. All of this due to the rather sensitive content contained in databases that have been Pirated. These contents, which are now referred to as data leaks from the shame. In some cases during the year could be apprehended for this kind of practice on the part of cyber-offenders who use the contents of certain databases to extract money to its original holders.

First, you've probably heard of sextortion. Which is a fusion of the words sex and extortion. According to the information been collected on this practice, about 700 million mailboxes in worldwide have been targeted by this kind scam. And it's done in a very simple way. Indeed, the malicious cyber threatens the victim to disclose fairly compromising information about her audio or video recordings, if the latter does not agree to pay a fee ransom, generally speaking, bitcoin format. In the fear of having his social life laid bare or his social status shattered, victims tend to pay in the majority of cases. According to a study by Cofense, the sextortion would have caused more than 1200 victims with 1.6 million euros.

Second, 2019 has seen massive data leaks from adult websites. But let's go back to 2012 with the data leaked to the world's largest adult film site "" In 2019, this was the case for several other websites there included other sites dedicated to dating adults consenting. Among other things, we can mention the leak of VTS Media, with its 1 million users who have seen the personal data exposed. The effect takes place exactly in November 2019. This Spanish media group has been subjected to several personal information such as usernames, IP addresses, private discussions and even passwords belonging to these millions of users. the cause would be a bad setup on one of its servers. As a reminder noting that VTS Media owns several "cam girls" sites such as the amateur site. TV, a platform that is animated by sex workers.

In the process we also observed the data leak from Heyyo. We are talking about 77,000 users. First of all, it's an online dating app. Several personal information of its users have been disclosed on the Internet, visible to anyone. These included email address of users' names of Jean's GPS contact information from date of birth of sexual preference phone photo… the app's 77,000 users were recorded in the United States, Brazil and Turkey, mainly.

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