The story of an activist who wanted to reward people brave enough to attack financial institution systems

The story of an activist who wanted to reward people brave enough to attack financial institution systems

March 2, 2020 Off By admin

An individual named Phineas Fisher had made a name for himself in the history of activists.

Indeed, in 2019 he had incited many hackers to use their talent to misreprescing the computer systems of the various institutions representing capitalism for him. "The world's financial elite is oppressing, its institutions are not victims," he said[…]. The hacking of the representatives of this elite and the return of the smallest fraction of the stolen wealth do not make them victims."

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In a publication shared by several media outlets, Phineas Fisher promised a reward of up to $100,000 to all hackers who will succeed in carrying out an attack on an institution for political purposes. He had launched it in the tone of a challenge. The goal is to succeed not only the computer attack, but that this attack can lead to the disclosure of secret documents or very important. For example, he cited companies such as the Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO, which specializes in providing hacking solutions to the states, or Halliburton, the oil company. The sum promised for his required exploits would be paid into cryptocurrency, regardless of the cryptocurrency chosen. He will note: "It's cybercrime, but it's also activism. It is motivated by a desire for social change. Hacking to obtain and disclose public interest documents is one of the best ways for hackers to use their ability for the benefit of society. »

The hacker for his part has to organize a kind of bug Bounty, which unlike that companies do not aim to discover loopholes to plug them, but rather to take advantage of them and cause the maximum damage. His only argument is to advance the idea of the struggle against inequality. Because the Internet represents, in his eyes, "a powerful tool against inequality." To prove its determination and the firm to have succeeded to hack a bank's system. This bank but nothing but the bank and company, Caymans Bank and Trust Company. A bank located on the island of Man. The hacking will have been carried out in 2016.

But it seems that it's not the only one because Fisher says that several institutions were victims. Among them are hacking the security system of a spyware manufacturer called FinFisher specifically in 2014, we can also mention computer hacking an Italian company working with the national police and several Other International Security Agencies, acknowledged that it had created a surveillance software useful to its law enforcement authorities. some computer attacks on Spanish police authorities or political authorities in Turkey…

And one last important point to make, Phineas Fisher is one of the most influential hackers of the moment. So you have to believe that his challenge is really something to be taken seriously. "I think computer hacking is a powerful tool to combat economic inequality," he told Motherboard. Hacktivism has yet to show only a fraction of its nuisance capacity. ».

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