The impact of the adoption of telework due to the pandemic

The impact of the adoption of telework due to the pandemic

October 30, 2020 Off By admin

With general confinement, a very large part of the organizations had ended up opting for remote work to ensure their continuity.

According to recent research, only a third of IT security professionals mentioned that their transition to telecommuting went smoothly. This clearly indicates the difficulty that prevailed during this shift.

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The study was conducted by oneIdentity. It also showed that 62% of professionals place more importance on cloud infrastructure today than last year. These changes were attributed to the coronavirus pandemic according to 31% of respondents.

"This study clearly shows that cloud computing has saved the lives of many businesses, as IT teams have pivoted and supported the massive shift to work outside the office," said Darrell Long, President and CEO of OneIdentity. "We knew that the changes caused by the pandemic were sudden, but what is particularly remarkable is the strength with which the results have shown that companies need to focus on the immediate challenges presented by aggressive transition to cloud computing, primarily by finding solutions that streamline administration and secure who has access to what and how. He adds.

Compared to last year, interest in access demand technologies has clearly increased. Nearly 50% of respondents see it as a top priority today. Of course, the relationship was quickly established with the covid-19, which is the trigger for most of the difficulties in the sector and the switch to a new way of working. Some aspects such as identity cycle management, the flow and process of identity work, access management and role management, immediately acquired some importance in the eyes of professionals.

The OneIdentity ah survey also show that 45% of IT security professionals are the only ones who say they are ready to face different changes in their industry. Especially considering the potential return of employees to the office in different organizations. This is also strange when 66 percent of them note that they have sufficient confidence in the effectiveness of their identity management tools, since the occurrence of some a change from the coronavirus.

"We now know the truth: the COVID pandemic has not changed the need to be productive, nor the regulatory compliance requirements that companies face, but it is clear that IT and security teams have rushed to move their systems to allow safe and controlled work from home. notes OneIdentity's head, Mr. Long. He added: "Businesses and organizations have been helped to some extent by the cloud investments that prepared them before the COVID project. However, most of them still face new challenges as employees adapt, IT and security teams effectively meet the challenge of providing effective processes to access the resources the workforce needs to do their jobs, and the security challenges associated with this new work environment. ».

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