Digital transformation firm Sopra Steria was the victim of an attack

Digital transformation firm Sopra Steria was the victim of an attack

October 29, 2020 Off By admin

The company after suffering a computer attack announced soon to return to normal within a few weeks.

The IT service group made the statement on Monday, six days after it publicly announced it had been targeted by a large-scale computer attack.

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This did not interfere with the proper operation of the business. "The return to normalcy throughout the group will take a few weeks," Sopra Steria said in a recent statement. The group said the "progressive and secure restart" of its information system had begun on Monday.

In other words, according to the IT service company, the discovery of the cyberattack, several "security measures immediately implemented," which allowed the company "to contain the spread of the virus to a limited part of the group's facilities and to preserve its customers and partners," the company's spokesman said in the statement.

At this time, the company maintains that it has not yet "found any data leakage or damage to its customers' information systems."

According to the company, the malware used to infiltrate its computer network is a famous ransomware: "This is a new version of the Ryuk 'ransomware' hitherto unknown to antivirus vendors and security agencies." Ransomware called ransomware is a malicious computer program that is used to take a computer system or network hostage, criticizing the access and data contained in that system, and then demanding payment of the ransom in exchange for the decryption keys. A scourge that has been in vogue for some time in the cybersecurity sector. Unfortunately, many companies are continually affected by these types of cyberattacks. Last spring it was the optical specialist Essilor and the group specializing in the analysis service Eurofins last year went through this cyberattack box. The list of victims is growing. From the Norwegian aluminium production company Norsk to the French agri-food group Fleury Michon through the French construction group Bouygues construction.

At this time the extent of the attack suffered by Sopra Steria has not yet been determined as a company has not been made on the subject.

The trend continues. Businesses seem to be unduitable for this problem. The number of companies regardless of the sector affected by ransomware this year continues to grow. Authorities are continuing to investigate the true origin of his computer attacks. Even if it seems inconclusive, there is a slim chance of being able to trace it back to cybercriminals. So the advice remains the same. Practice the right uses for digital. Continue to raise awareness among employees to close the door to cybercrime as much as possible. Update its applications and operating system and back up its data.

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