Data leak at US operators T-Mobile and Virgin Media

Data leak at US operators T-Mobile and Virgin Media

March 9, 2020 Off By admin

It was officially announced within a week a leak of data from major telephone operators.

Several pieces of information were presented, including that belonging to employees and customers. According to several experts, this would be based on a phishing campaign so it is unsuspecting. They then recommend that companies pay more and more attention.

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The leak was discovered on March 5, 2020, i.e. 3 days of this, did not have the US and British mobile operators themselves declaring that they had been victim of a hack. These two data can be described as a major regarding the nature of the information that has been exposed. At that time, we were able to discover information such as names, postal addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, phone numbers, customer references and other individual information. But by referring to what Telecom operators have said, banking information may not have affected, even for the first time their employees. On the Virgin media side, there were about 900,000 people affected by the security breach. However T mobile claims not to be able to determine the exact number of people affected by data leakage. In addition, he notified the fact that the services affected were automatically deactivated.

As far as the operators are at fault in these leaks, operators defend themselves differently. Indeed on virgin mobile's side it is said that the leak is not due to an attack rather, a poor configuration of the management system databases. Especially the data that was dedicated to marketing. It's from a security breach allowed a hacker to take advantage of it. When asked about the issue, Ernest Doku, an expert in cybersecurity tries to explain in a slightly different context: "Nearly one million Virgin Media customers are rightly worried to learn that their personal data has been accessed without protection since last summer.

Ten months is a long period, more than enough for scammers to take advantage of these resources. It is fortunate that only one user, identity remains unknown, has been granted access to this information. But it's enough sometimes from one person to have the data resold to cybercriminals. Virgin Media will have no choice but to review its policies to ensure that such an event does not happen again. The company will also have to reassure its customers about the level of protection of their data." it is for this reason that the expert advises all person affected by the data leak to "beware of any email in from unusual recipients and not clicking on links"

For the AMERICAN mobile operator T, the data leak on its side would be caused: "sophisticated cyber attack. ». The hacker originally succeeded first by attacking the employee messaging service. It is from this, following a phishing campaign he succeeded his shot. This makes the second security breach directly affecting the Telecom operator in just 5 months.

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