Trucks that get rid of your confidential information

Trucks that get rid of your confidential information

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For the past few months, in Switzerland, in the banking district of Geneva, grey-coloured trucks have been constantly circulating, adorned with certain orange lines.

These vehicles position along the road, the engine constantly on. Their mission is to destroy and crush any type of media that may contain sensitive information. It may be radios, paper, computer equipment, which is increasingly what is offered by customers. There are a total of more than 15 trucks travelling along the town, but also several others in some neighbouring countries such as France, Germany, Great Britain, etc.

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one finds that they are starting to move further and further away from their point of view beginning. It is a company of Swiss origin of the name Katana. Its objective is to offer its customers destroy their confidential documents that they would like to get rid of, which still contain fairly sensitive information. The activities extend to Norway with the establishment of a joint venture.

The advantage such an activity is that it avoids companies to store too much destroyed paperwork in their premises or to initiate actions of destruction that does not come to an end.

In addition, Katana has established a branch that specializes in computer monitoring called Aktarus Digital.

the more extraordinary in the work of this Swiss company, which has been in the works 2004 is Making a new truck available 18 tons that will be reserved specifically for the destruction of key server USB, motherboard and smart phone. In the middle city, a toolkit of mass destruction for unwanted computer equipment. this is done according to a fairly special procedure that guarantees all security to the user. here is exactly how it works. The customer must scan the serial number corresponding to its server. Then he will draw up an inventory of the material he must destroy, before completely entrusted to the katana data destruction company, it will insert into one of the dumpsters equipped with digital seals, which will be impossible to open without customer consent Itself. all the material to be destroyed will be put into dust with the customer supervision.

The Swiss company has acquired similar trucks for its French subsidiary: "In Europe, most data centres are located in THE FLAP, the area between Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris," explained one of Katana's co-founders, Yarom Ophir. The goal is to get closer to the market, a bank recently destroyed about 10,000 servers in one fell swoop through Katana. Among its customers we can find private banks, mobile phone operators, insurance houses of higher education institutions etc. And with a favourable legislative environment, this company will only grow more and more. "Until now, we only had one van for digital equipment. With this truck, we industrialize digital destruction. Said the other co-founder Siddik Apaydin, five years ago.

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