Hackers used for a week after Macy's massive data leak

Hackers used for a week after Macy's massive data leak

November 22, 2019 Off By admin

The personal and banking information of the customers of the American company called Macy's was stolen for about a week by hackers during the month of October.

This computer attack to have disastrous consequences for the American firm one week before the Thanksgiving holiday and 1 month from the Christmas party.

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The leak was revealed by the administration of the American company itself, which sent an official letter to its customers informing it of the effectiveness of the hacking. According to the company, 2 web pages of its website followed changes without its knowledge, a change to which hackers will be able to insert malware, allowing them to siphon personal and banking data from its customers. Unfortunately, Macy's was not able to detect the hacking until October 15. Today the company confirms that it has succeeded in ending the intrusion and securing its website. based on the U.S. company's estimates, the computer attack took place on October 7. This makes it possible to deduce that for a week, hackers were able to access customer data without interruption. Data stolen or even violated, consists of personal information such as names and first names, login data such as email addresses or postal addresses, bank information such as payment card numbers with expiry dates and security code.

As if to insure, the company quoted in The Wall Street Journal claims that only "a small number of customers" were reached by the attack, without any real details on the extent of this attack. Despite the company's reassuring behaviour, Macy's stock fell 10%.

The U.S. company, which claimed a figure of 46 million unique visitors during the month of last December, is likely to suffer greatly and suffer a significant decline in its customers in the coming times especially as December is very strategic for merchants especially those of the Web. the information is not to fall at the right time especially with a week of the famous Black Friday, one of the highlights in terms of trade in the United States and the world. Add to this we must not forget that the company is in the middle of a financial turnaround strategy.

Indeed these stores cease to close since 2016, and the eye is usually pointing to its online sales. Unfortunately we realize that this is the second time she has been hacked. The first attack since 2018. apartment information to his clients had been stolen during this first attack on his online sales site, via another site, that of bloomingdale. So far nothing has been said about entities and hackers, to believe no information made available to the company.

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